Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can You Guess?

- I've been feeling ill everyday on and off for a few weeks
-I'm so tired.
-I'm moody
-I've been sluggish and unmotivated
-I've been feeling wider

Can anyone guess what's up?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

8 months old

Today marks Matthew's eighth month of life.
This swing was absolutely huge and he had to hang on or he would have fallen out. Everytime we pushed him, his hair would wisp straight up in the air. He enjoys the swing.

So much changes so quickly. Matthew is now crawling on all fours, he eats banana chunks and peach chunks, he loves baby cookies and continues to hate cereal. He has started eating oatmeal in the mornings but it has to be sweetened with maple syrup. He has two teeth and is chewing a lot which leads me to believe his top teeth should come soon. He loves to chat away. He took a bottle the other day. He chugged everything down so quickly. Since then, however, he has refused it. He enjoys looking at books now and the television can actually hold his attention for a few minutes. He continues to love going for walks in his stroller and loves being with his cousins and Aunts and uncle, Grandmas and Grandpas and even people he doesnt know, so long as Mommy is in sight.

He's had a pretty bad cold for the past three days. He isn't sleeping well but he has started napping again which I am so greatful for. He is happier because of it too.

He's learning to play on his own now too. This is what he did yesturday:

He loves wheels so he was sitting behind his stroller playing with the wheels when he pulled the whole stroller over him. It was slow motion watching him lie down and get rolled over. He was having lots of fun. 10 minutes worth.

Happy 8 month Matty!