Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lighting it Up

 This time of year is always hard for me because it is dark so early. By the time it is 4pm the sun is setting and the house is beginning to get bleek and shadowy... I am not a fan of the dark.

I have found that one thing which really helps me is having varying lights around my house where I am. So this year, as well as the candles I light on my kitchen island, I also purchased a little pre-lit Christmas tree.

Some of you may be thinking this is a little early but it works at keeping me happy and not depressed. This bit of Christmas cheer and ambient lighting has added excitement to my days.

The boys are pretty happy too. They got to decorate it (several times over) and it is just their size. Even Ewan threw an ornament onto the tree and it stayed there (unfortunately he moves too quickly for me ever to catch a photo of him that isnt a blur).

I have to avoid puting any balls on the tree that are breakable because Ewan is obsessed with balls. When he sees them he lights up and wont stop hurling the tree to the ground until the ball is in his hands- a few little balls met their tragic end this way.

How do you like Matty's inside out shirt?
Christmas has arrived in this here home. I just couldnt wait another moment. The real tree wont be here until next month but this little addition works for now.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Home Day

Today was a much needed stay at home day. Since Tuesday I have been on the go with the boys with appointments and meetings. We were suppose to go out again today but I thought it best to stay put.
I've been doing a bit of schooling with the boys at home (the picture up above is of our books) so I thought today would be a good day to try and make it a bit more creative. It was a huge success.


We did stickers. I managed to get Levi to put all of his stickers on the lines to create a diamond on one of his shape pages. He really enjoyed this activity. Matthew enjoyed sticking all his into his new sticker book.

We finally did a full calendar time. The boys loved singing all the songs and talking about the date.

We also did the weather frog and the boys loved getting the frog dressed into the right clothes for the weather.

Other than that, we did cutting and pasting. I separated a paper in 4 and made categories and the boys had to find the right pictures to glue into the categories.

We used playdo tools and hid pennies in the dough. They had to roll out the dough and find all their pennies.

We ate snacks and had our quiet time... it was really the perfect day.

Matty is doing well and hasn't complained about pain much at all. He really wants to remove his bandage to take a look but we aren't going to do that. The doctor is meant to deal with it- thank goodness. It is making activity time a bit frustrating for him though. He can't quite hold a pencil properly or get a grip on scissors.

Tomorrow we are off again for more fun. They are not fresh and ready for it since we had a wonderful day at home.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

I read that book on my flight to Calgary and today Matthew was the one in striped pajamas. There were not very many other similarities than that.

We took off from the house early enough this morning to get to the childrens hospital for our 2 hour pre-op wait. After a short while they called Mattys name and they got him changed into a pair of striped pjs. He almost had pink but then they saw it would be too small. Yellow was much nicer for a little boy.

I shouldnt have worried about having all the activities I had because the waiting room had toys and crafts, movies and friends... We even met Papa Rick, a man who does activities with Matthew every Wednesday. He was a welcome familiar face.

Matthew was incredibly brave until he was wearing the mask to put him to sleep. He started panicking and it was so hard not to cry. In the middle of his panic he passed out. Seeing his body go limp and his eyes roll back was so hard. The moment I stepped out of the room I let the tears fall.

It wasnt long until they were back telling me he was in recovery, everything went well and I could see him once he woke up. I kept praying everything would be the best case scenario. The procedure included removing his thumb nail, taking a swab of the wound underneath and removing the ingrown nail that was stuck. They told me if there was no nail there, he might never have a thumb nail again- this would be the worse case. Thankfully he already had one growing. It was just to frail to help the rest of the nail grow out. My prayer was answered-we have the best case scenario.

So, recovery begins. I must admit I was thankful we were scheduled to go in November first since Halloween was the night before. All three boys got into their costumes and went to a few doors to collect some candy. Since Matthew was so excited for trick or treating he never even thought about the surgery until we were already there getting into our new clothes.

So tomorrow may be back to a new normal- its been an incredibly busy first week home. I guess that is the kind of life we lead right now though.