Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I have been living in a bubble of BLA!!! for a while now. Baby is still very cozy in my womb but is due to meet us Sunday (we all know how that goes with my babies- add 8 days or so). I'm tired, uncomfortable and thus incredibly cranky. My poor men get the worst of it since they are around me all the time and any little thing can set me off.

So as the 14th came closer I became less and less excited to care to do anything at all until Tuesday evening. My sister hosted a lovely Valentines day tea for some ladies and it was so nice. I felt refreshed even though I didn't get home until after midnight and suddenly wanted to embrace heart day.

So I got to work. I made a project for Dave: 

Each card has a different reason why I love him. It was a fun project to do and he loved reading through the things I wrote.

I also baked a cake for dessert tonight:

Its a citrus yellow cake and citrus icing. I have been craving lemon baking and although I can't touch this with a ten foot pole, somehow it helped my craving by making it and smelling it. 

The best part of Valentine's day as a kid was getting all the lovely cards from friends so I thought the boys and I could make some for their friends at church.

My examples with all the pieces cut out for the boys. 

Matthew's 2 bees ( he did it ALL by himself- do you like the extra eye on the top one?)

Levi's 2 bees (he did these ALL by himself- this is one impressed mom!)

I had no idea I was going to enjoy sitting down with the boys to do crafts. I normally hate the paper and glue and mess everywhere... but this was so much fun. And they really enjoyed it. I must say, however, it was very nice the Ewan was down for his nap. Much less Chaos!!!

We dressed in red and took a few photos as well. Some three brother photos before brother 4 arrives. Not a single one turned out well since my boys have 0 attention span but thats life so here they are:

I hope you all have a wonderful day full of feeling loved and adored. This tired mommy is actually having a blissful day. Dinner hour is approaching however and that usually means everything falls apart. I guess we'll see soon.