Monday, August 30, 2010

Matty's Second Party!

Due to the fact that Matty was born at the most inconvenient time of the year (back to school, around church camp, near Oma's birthday), we decided to have his birthday party a little early this year. With a few days to get it all planned and organized I must say it went so well.
We all gathered at my parents place and all of Matty's buddies came over and had a great time. I made little loot bags for the kids and gave it to them while Matty opened his presents. It worked pretty well to keep them interested.

Another party down. He has already had his second birthday party!!! It happens so quickly. We spoiled him rotten for his party. Pop, cake, candy and loads of presents. It has been sugar detox since the party but everyone is allowed a binge once in a while, right?

I had a lot of fun planning this party even though it was so last minute. I think all kids deserve spoiling on their birthdays and Matty really seemed to enjoy his party. Thank you everyone for coming and spoiling my boy with love and gifts.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dearest Sister

You are a beautiful woman.

You pulled me out of a pit that was deeper than I feel I have ever been in. You have brought light into my world of despair and ugliness. You've spoken honestly to me and given of yourself, thinking only of what would make me happy.

Thank you for giving and giving and giving. Thank you for loving me even in my ugliness. Thank you for showering me with encouragment (6 lbs gone in 5 days!!!) and blessing my family with your presence.

The cuddles and love you show your little ones is no different than what you shower on me and my family. I am so blessed that I am an extension of your family and that I am given those cuddles from your heart.

I dont know how I can ever show you or express to you how much your love and caring means to me. Hopefully I will be able to bless you and your family the way you have me.

Thank you! I love you!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


So your six month old begins to crawl... normal, nerve wracking, keeps you on your toes.

But do most six months olds know how to climb up onto a couch when they still dont even know how to balance properly???

Levi's a smart kiddo. He crawled from the floor onto a couch cushion that his brother put there (Matthew loves to take off one cushion from each couch and throw it on the floor) then from the cushion to the couch.

He is up there and no one got him there. AHHH! I can't take my eyes off of this kid.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

He Sits and Climbs

I tried having Levi sit a while ago and he wasn't able to balance (even though he is crawling) so I kind of gave up. Then, this weekend I tried again and he sat without any help and very few falls. I was impressed.
He's a full fledge sitter.

This was Levi's favourite thing to do. He climbed into the table and made his way to the other side and then climbed out just to do it again.

Yeah I made it and didnt bump my head!

Friday, August 13, 2010

We signed all of our mortgage papers today. It is really happening. I am starting to get excited. A lot of mine and Daves conversation is about house plans. Its fun. What do you want in this area? Does this look like a nice plan for our bathroom? What colours should we do the...?

So much fun... yet nerve racking at the same time.

Here are two beautiful kitchen that I love and hope to copy in some way or another.

This is the floor colour I want and our kitchen will be off white so I think this one is so close to what we will have.

I love how beautiful this one is too. So bright and happy.

I have a feeling I will be looking at a lot of pictures for inspiration so I will be sure to post some more as I find them.

Friday, August 6, 2010

What's In Your Wallet?

A blog I read always likes to ask readers as well as herself what is in their purses to find out a bit about the person. I thought about that and was saddened by the thought that my purse is my diaper bag and that it would be a pretty boring outcome. Then I thought it would be fun to go through ALL the diffrerent (and recent) bags I use and see what might be hidden inside each of them. Are you ready to discover with me?

Bag #1This is my current diaper bag and most recent purchase. Here is what you find inside:

Diapers: They tell you that I have at least one child. And if you knew me you would also know that I am ill prepared because I am missing the diapers for my oldest child (note to self, add Matty's diapers before leaving the house).

Wipes: I shop at Costco.

Wrap: I like to wear my baby. Its comfortable, convenient and pretty easy to roll into a ball and shove into small spaces. Oh, and I like that redish colour.

Burp blanket: I have a child that is young enough to still need one.

Nursing cover: Note that it is rolled up into a very untidy ball. You migt initially say it tells you I am modest. I do try to be when in new places and around people who are unfamiliar but most of the time I am around friends and family and this cover is just in my bag in case someone unexpected shows up. You never know.


One is from a yarn store. It tells you I knit. The other is from a grocery store. Nothing too exciting there.

An outline:
This tells you a lot actually. Maybe more about what my pastor is teaching us in church than about me but it does teach you that I go to church.

Immunization records: tells you that my sons get their shots although you will notice, if you open them up, that we postpone them until they are 6 months old.

Blistex and Lip gloss: Neither make it out of my bag too often. Lets you know that I can get dry lips and sometimes maybe even have shimmery lips.

Deoderant: I like to be prepared just in case. You never know when you might go swimming or it just might be way too hot.

Dentist business card: I have recently been to the dentist. In three weeks I will have gone three times. Crazy! People, do not put off going to the dentist for 11 years. I was fortunate that my teeth are strong so even after that time I have little that needs to be done but the bills... oh the bills!

Wallet: I like colour!

Bag #2
A diaper: Only one. Last time I went out with this bag I obviously only needed something for Levi.

Kleenex: I am ridden with allergies. One could suppose it is a cold as well but I am letting you know it is allergies.

A bandaid and cotton ball: That is embarrassing. It should be in the trash. I had blood work done for my thyroid.

Gum Wrapper: I chew trident gum. In the sticks not the chiclets. I really dont like the chiclets.

Doctors appointment card: That there will be another doctors appointment at some point.

Bag #3
Its contents:
Games: I obviously took the bag somewhere where there would be friends and possible game playing. I enjoy bot of tese games (pbviously or why would I have brought them?)

Rice cereal: Baby food for a hungry baby.

Kleenex: More allergies!

Folded picture: This one tells you a lot. I am not good at taking pictures, I develop bad pictures, I fold bad pictures and don't trow them away... something about being organized...

Gum: Good old Trident sticks. The light blue kind.

So, there is some insight for you all. What you can learn from Katie from her various bags. One things for sure. She sure has enough bags!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First tooth

It appears that blisters on gums mean teeth will be arriving very quickly.

Yesterday, Levi worked away at his gums. He could be found rubbing his little mouth with anything he could find. Then by the evening, I let him chew my finger and there is was. The beginning of his very first tooth. His bottom left tooth. Its so cute seeing little white nubs poking out from smooth gum.

Go Levi, Go!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bumble Bees and Blisters

A couple of firsts for both me and my boys.

First, Matthew was stung by a bee, twice on Saturday. He was out playing and I guess while he was playing the bee got angry and stung him. He cried "bee, bee" and while he pointed at his shirt it was descovered that he had another one in his shirt and it stung him. Cheek and arm pit. While he was being rescued byu his Uncle Cory, Cory got stung several times himself. There must have been a hive or something. They were very angry bees. Unfortunately, it isnt just bees that scare Matthew any more. It is any flying bug (especially flies). He sees them and just starts crying and running for me yelling: "Bee! Fly! WAA!" I have explained and showed him that flies wont hurt him but the message doesnt seem to be sticking.

Secondly, Levi has been teething for a while now. Suddenly, I noticed blisters on hius gums yesterday. Matty never had that.They swelled and then popped through. Levi I guess is having a harder time. It looks like he might even get 4 at once... we shall see. The blisters are on his bottom gum but just on one side.

So, bees and blisters. Ive never been stung and never had a child with blisters on their gums. First for everything.