Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Class of 2011

The other day I came across this picture.

My little brother (Connor) was graduating from kindergarten and I was there. It was a teddy bear graduation. They all got to bring their favourite bear and receive their diploma together.

Today I got to see him graduate from grade 6.

All the students had to stand up and say something about their years at the school and then sit down again.

I missed him getting his "diploma" because Levi was a royal pain and caused so much distraction you couldnt hear anything. So I needed to get out of there fast. In the end I had to leave early with both boys because I just couldnt handle the dirty looks and the frustration from all the proud parents. I, just being a proud sister, felt I should stop getting in the way of others enjoyment of the event.

There were refreshments out for afterwards. As we were leaving Matty kept saying "mommy, I am listening, I am listening well". He was a bit sad we left because he really wanted a cookie or doughnut from the table. So I explained to him that he was pretty good but Levi was terrible so we had to leave but that we would grab a treat on the way home and that satisfied.

I am glad I got to see what I did. To be there 6 years after his first ceremony in kindergarten. Another special event in that not so little man's life.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coping How He Can

For over a week now Dave has been having severe back pains. He cant sit, which makes driving into his jobs a challenge and he gets tired after standing for too long and relief just seems next to impossible to find.

Since he is self employed, each day he doesnt work he loses money. It sucks to look at it that way but unfortunately its the truth.

For days now Dave has been trying to finish up some quotes and drawings for clients and he cant ever seem to do it because he cant get into the right position. That is until last night.

Look at how he is resting:
Now look where his computer screen is:
If you cant tell, he projected his lap top screem onto the ceiling so he could lie on top of a massage mat and heating pad while imputing all the info.

I have to say seeing my husband this way is agonizing. Nothing stops him and this has been torturing him. He drives into work and has to pull over three different times to get out and move becasue it hurts so badly. He cant work too hard because it hurts too much, he cant stay still be cause it hurts so much.

Needless to say I am feeling very sorry for him and praying he gets better quickly. The stress he is handling must be pretty bad too.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Camping weekend 2011

A larger group of people from our church arrange a weekend camping every year. Its a time I look forward to all year since we never go camping otherwise. This year was different for me (having both little boys and Dave has a bad back so spent most of his time lying in the tent to relieve his pain) but I heard from others it was a great time. I enjoyed myself as much as I could being huge and pregnant and chasing two crazy boys around trying to catch them before they were in too much danger.

Campfire fun

All the boys having a rest

Matty enjoying the beach

Levi enjoying the beach

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend of Fun

This weekend was lots of fun for our family.

Friday evening we had my sisters family over for a camp over (limited space in the house at the moment so we can only host if you have a tent) and we had a blast... please forgive me for the first picture... for some reason it is sideways...

Gabriel and Aidan around the camp fire

The Van Dyk tent and our make shift table.
Our fire pit

Dave chatting with Aidan

Matty, Caelah and Gabriel roasting and eating marshmallows.
Someone really enjoyed the marshmallow!
Then on Sunday after church, our church and Daves old church (same denomination but in different areas) had a picnic together. So many people showed up and there was so much good food. It was a really great time of fellowship and the kids had a blast all day.
A group of people waiting for food and other playing a game of baseball.

Levi waiving bye to the camera

Levi and Matty driving away

Henry and Matty with the trucks that one family brought. Matthew didnt let them out of his sight the entire afternoon... except to go on the swings with Pake.
Out came the parachute and Matty jumped in. Notice the trucks behind him!

He soon lost interest in the activity and left with the trucks again.

Beautiful Annorah
Handsome, beat up Isaiah with Jo- he had a fall at my place Friday night and smashed his little face into the ground. He was pretty brave though.
Levi enjoying his cement... thing. He insisted on sitting on, lying on or climbing over this thing on and off all afternoon. The things they enjoy.

It was a great weekend. The boys were tuckered out by the end but in a good way. They played hard and got nice and dirty. We couldnt have asked for a nicer day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Challenge of Cleaning

Growing up, my mom always had a day that was meant for a deep clean. She would strip the beds, do loads of laundry, scrub the bathroom, vacuum the whole house, do a major dusting, remake beds, sweep, mop, reorganize... and Im sure loads of other things (sometimes windexing all the windowsand glass.

I liked the idea of having a few of those chores crammed into one day just so that I always remembered to do. So, Mondays are my strip the bed and clean the bathroom day.

As I mentionned in a previous post, Mondays are good days for me. I love getting up and going with my chores. The house is normally in quite a state due to the weekend and my motivation is high. This Monday was no different.

I woke up and the boys were still both asleep. So I quietly stripped my bed and remade it with clean sheets without waking them (remember they live in our room). I thought that the day was going to be so successful.

Then they woke up!

From that moment I thought I might scream. I got the boys dressed and brought them down for breakfast. As they ate I stepped outside to get something from the car and had a bird poop on my head. That was the beginning of the end.

Once the boys had eaten, Levi just started whining... He just ran around chasing me, crying and begging me to pick him up. I was ready to throw in the towel. If I tried to do anything one of the boys was demanding my attention.

I decided not to be defeated though. It was a tough decision. I figured if I accomplished one thing, at least it was better than nothing. So bit by bit I accomplished things.

First I managed to clean the counter tops and disinfect them.

But when one surface gets clean, another becomes the catch all:
Anything that didn't have a home just kind of ended up there.

Anyways, I managed to get the dining room clean of toys and dishes and even put on my table cloth (they'd been missing for some time and just a few days ago Dave found them all).
Once two loads of laundry were washed, I took the boys outside with me so I could hang them all on the line. Most kids thrive outside. Mine sat in their wagon crying at me to pull them. I really dont enjoy pulling them around in the wagon. Im so used to Matty who used to just play happily all the time. So, eventually Matty did get out and play with a ball and venture around the yard exploring but Levi was miserable. Once the laundry was hung I made us all go back inside...

Thankfully we walked inside and Levi was ready to play with Matthew so I seized the opportunity to clean the washroom.
It felt good to get every surface cleaned. Everything was spotless and disinfected. I even scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees and washed the toothbrush holder.

When done there, I swept the upstairs floor and all down the stairs. .

Lunch time came and I fed the boys and then put Levi to bed. I settled Matty on the couch for some quiet time with Franklin playing on the mini dvd played and got to work on the island. I actually managed to get it clean.
Now that that was done, all that was left was to clean the floors. I picked up any of the stray toys that were on the floor, swept everything very carefully and then got out the steam mop. I managed to mop the entire downstairs.

I left Matty on the couch while I went and took down the two loads of laundry, I folded and put them away, hung another load (the last one for the day) and then had time to breathe.

When I thought about it I realized, in the end, I had accomplished more than I had even imagined. I just had to keep plugging away any time I had a minute. Sure, cleaning day took the whole day instead of two hours start to finish, but it got done.

Its true that it just takes having the right mind set to remain undefeated.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Showering Brayden

Yesterday we celebrated a baby shower for Amanda and her soon to come baby, Brayden.
Amanda and her sister Hannah holding the quilt Karin made Brayden.

It was a such a nice time. Many members of the church came to give their support as well as some of Amandas friends from work and some of Amandas mom's friends.
Amanda and her friend Kate (Kate hosted the shower at the pub she manages)

We had beautiful cake and cupcakes
My mom and I made banana cake and Kate and my mom cute it all out and iced it to look like strollers.
I baked banana cupcakes and iced them to match the cakes. My piping was done with a ziplock bag so its a bit messy.
And I did succeed in finishing 50 flowers and 50 little candie bundles for the favours.

And we had many happy kiddos at the shower too.

From left to right we have: Amanda's brother Anthony, Caelah, Elijah, Gabriel, Isaiah and Connor. They were in and out, playing and eating and being really great for the length of time they were there.

Amanda was so blessed. She left with a car full of baby stuff and I think she was so surprised by how many people came out. I dont think she even knew half the people. Thank you to everyone who gave such love and support to our family for this shower. It really was a nice time.