Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christmas, Christmas, I Cant Wait For Christmas!

Christmas time is always the time that my creative juices get flowing. I must admit I always have great excitment for these projects but very rarely do they get done.

Lately I have been very into the decorating ideas that I have seen and I look forward to collecting some things this year to use for next Christmas (socks for all 24 days before Christmas used as an advent calendar, hung from a line with a gift in each one). Until then I continue to look at nice creative projects people have made. Some of which I have considered doing myself... we shall see.

Friday, October 23, 2009

He Is Mine

God spoke to me very clearly the other day but I had trouble hearing Him due to my human nature.

I woke up and I was uncomfortable. I thought I had to go to the washroom or maybe just needed to relax. I tried these things and it didnt help. Pain started shortly after. An intense pain, similar to contractions except it wasn't an ending pain. It didnt just come and go. It just stayed and hurt.

Dave was home and I was thankful for it because I spent the morning in bed. I was whining occassionally out of panic but mostly I was in my head.

"If this baby is born today, I will lose him"

"I cant give birth today, it isnt time!"

"Levi, keep moving, uterous, stop hurting"

I didnt want to go to the hospital. I didnt want to move. I just wanted to be ok.

I prayed for God to take away the pain but it just wasnt happening. I was in tears, feeling desperate to find the solution to my pain.

It hit me then and there. God wants my son. I am about to lose my son but he isnt mine. He is Gods precious gift and if He wants Levi, now is his time to come. So I did something really hard. I told God to take Levi. I prayed that Gods will be done and I told God that Levi was His and only entrusted to me. I was calm. Sad, but calm. I understood God was sovereign and that He would help me through whatever would happen.

The moment my prayer was finished the pain vanished. Levi was still moving around but there was no pain.

I thanked God for sparing Levi and myself. God had spoken to me.

"Levi is my child. Entrust his life to me."

It wasnt easy but only peace followed afterward. May I always remember that everything I have is God's and that I have only been entrusted with it for a time.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Give Thanks 2

Millar Thanksgiving

Lots of children, lots of noise, great food, warm ambiance, good friend, yummy desserts. Could anyone ask for any better?

A "toy" Matty couldn't get enough of. He wanted them on and then off, on and then off...
Delicious pumpkin cheesecake made by my sister, and fantastic delux chocolate cookies made by my mom. It finished off the decadent evening beautifully.

A tuckered out boy. We had him snug in his carseat and he was asleep before we hit the end of the dirt road (that is very fast).

What am I thankful for this year? So many things. Here is a list of some of the things I can think of right now:
* life
*a growing life inside of me
*my husband
*my son
*my family in law
*beauty all around
*life stages
*Gods lessons
I know this list could go on forever. Another thing I am thankful for. With God, thankfulness should abound.

Another Thanksgiving over but there is never an end to giving thanks.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Give Thanks

Yesterday was thanksgiving with the van der Meer family. We went to the Russell Church in the morning and then went to the van der Meers for lunch. Vanessa and I wanhted to do something special and so we made a turkey (18 pounds and our very first one) and it turned out really well. I made a stuffing and a dessert and Vanessa made a dessert and we made gravy.The veggies were taken care of by the van der Meers. We really felt like spoiling them with a big traditional meal.

I was so glad when everything turned out so well. We had cooked the turkey in advance and so just needed to reheat it and I think it was still moist enough and we had great gravy to pour over it as well.

We had a fantastic time talking around the table and in numerous rooms in the house and Carla (mom in law) gathered the whole family in the living room to sing me happy birthday in Frisian (or Dutch) and English. Then I got to open my gift. It was quite a surprise.

It was a nice time with family. Matty loved seeing his cousins from farther away (Eleanor and Brenna) and every one of the kids managed to have at least a little nap (4 kids, 4 pack and plays, 3 different rooms, most at the same time).

Today is thanksgiving with the Millar family and I am excited. I bought the turkey and made the stuffing and I look forward to sitting down with my family and eating and chatting and laughing...

Thank you, Lord, for EVERYTHING!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Bash

As I promised, I have some pictures. I can't say they are fantastic but they are so much nicer than my other camera.My birthday was a lot of fun. It started with a beautiful banner made with love:

Then it moved into sweets and a game:

And lots of fun with friends.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Quick Hello

I just wanted to write a brief post to say hi.

So much happens at the end of September and beginning of October that I get so flustered I forget to get the camera out for some pictures. So, tomorrow I will be attending my birthday party with my ladies and my camera. And I WILL remember to take pictures with it (brand spanking new camera that my husband got me for our anniversary, my birthday and Christmas).

What I missed for pictures was our anniversary (but I did post about it... at least) and my parents 31st anniversary. My sister and I made dinner for them and we all sat down and ate together. It was so nice to be together as an almost complete family (Dave was missing because of work) and I even brought my camera to get pictures... It was left in the bag. Good place for it, eh?

So for those of you out there who look at posts and see no pictures and you dread reading, I will have pictures for you in a couple of days... I... promise??? mmm, maybe not. I just hope I will. I can't promise because I know myself and my lack of wherewithall to remember things in crowds. Until then, have a fantastic weekend dooing whatever it is you are up to and when I write to you again, I will be 26. AHHHHHH!!!! I dont like that number.