Monday, April 30, 2012

Mother of 4 Boys

It was only temporary, however.

My sister and her hubby headed to Toronto with my mom to catch a concert and I was invited but still had a baby unwilling to eat anything but my milk. I didnt think I could leave him with Daddy since he'd scream all day and night and Daddy would still have three other boys to care for.

So, I have two dogs and Elijah.

I loved it! I know now that if I only have boys I will still love it. I am pretty sure the likelihood of my having a girl is slim so occasionally I would ask myself if I was ready for another son. The answer is yes to even 3 more boys.

Elijah was so wonderful. He was loving to his cousins, he was helpful to his aunt and he was playful with his uncle. He included the boys in what he was doing and I am beginning to see what will be on my hands when we finally get out of the younger ages. 3 vs 7 is very different.

Thanks again, Lijah, for giving us such a great weekend. I really loved having you.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jesus Will Heal It

A while back when Matthew had his thumb crushed into a window, we had a few moments of frustrations with him. Surprisingly not because of pain but because of the visual appearance of his finger.

I'll admit, my stomach turned every time I had to change the band aids. Now that it is mostly healed, the mangled finger nail still makes my tummy fill with butterflies.

Every time Matthew got wind of us talking about having to change the band aid he would break down into tears. "No mommy, its ok. I dont want to." The fear of his SEEING the wound set him into minor hysterics.

In those times I was sure to remind him, as I redressed his wound that the Lord was so good and was healing his finger so nicely. At the time he simply agreed and nothing more was eve mentioned.

Recently, however, "Jesus will heal it".  This is what you hear Matty say any time he hurts himself. Now these hurts are simple bonks on the head or a scrape on his heal and a stubbed toe. He comes crying (which is new- he never used to cry much at all) and tell me what hurts. I'll have a look and tell him it looks okay; sometimes I offer a kiss. Then he replies: "oh, its okay. Jesus will heal it."

I wonder if it is that we just read from the gospel and Jesus healed so many with miracles. Put that with his healed finger and I suppose it makes perfect sense.

I love seeing the simple acceptance of young ones. It does, however, remind me of just how careful we must be with our training.

Have a restful Lord's day.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Play Fort

Dave spent a day over the long weekend starting the boys play house. It is a two story house that will have a ramp to get in, a ladder to get to the top floor, a slide to come out one of the windows and then some swings coming off one side. There will also be a little porch around the whole thing.

The boys already love it and they cant even play in it yet. They had a blast helping Daddy build it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Characters

Recently the boys have taken on a whole new level of play. Characters are coming out like never before.

Levi puts on hats whenever he finds them (as above- he found Ewan's hat and decided it was his), adds his rubber boots and prances around the house pretending to fix things.

Matthew is imagining games all the time and dragging his brothers right along with him. He is typical older child, loving having everyone doing his thing. There are times, however, where he just needs to be alone. Today, for example, he just kept crying (this is not normal behaviour) so I told him to have a nice quiet time with some books on his bed. Since it was morning and that is not the regualr activity we do he was really excited and went right up to his bed, books in hand and read.

I don't know how or when Matthew got the long bruise on his cheek but he's still as cute as ever.

Ewan has begun his journey as crawler. He pulls himself with his hands and grabs at the floor with his toes. He is starting to lift his body with his legs a little but he is not what you would call a traditional crawler.

These monkeys keep me so incredibly busy that I so rarely get moments to get it written down. A few random posts will have to suffice.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Living Room

Dave has worked away and made us a sitting room ( I have yet to even try and decorate).

Eventually this will have a television and nice furniture but for now it is a comfortable place to sit.

Behind the green curtain is a window that has yet to be replaced (it comes off with the outside of the house) and since the weather is still cold and windy the draft needed to be stopped.

There will also be pot lights on three of the sides and you can see some rope lighting up there already.

It is so nice not to always sit in the dining room!