Thursday, June 25, 2009


Whenever I thought of my child with a favourite comfort thing or toy, I always pictured him carrying a blanket or a stuffed animal... these things were things I always did and it has always been a vision of mine that Matty would love holding onto a special blanket or stuffy. I was surprised, and pleasantly so, to find him VERY attatched to this:

This is a handmade ball from his Tante Melissa that he got for Christmas. He has always loved balls, but certainly not as much as this one.

He carries in with him onto a ride on toy,

And he carries it around while crawling just about anywhere.
I brought it camping with us and he wouldn't let it out of his sight, let alone his fist. It was the dirtiest sight I had ever seen and I was really worried that it was going to be the end of the ball. However I washed it in the washing machine and it came out so nice and clean it looked brand new. I wish I had a picture of just how filthy it was because it was bad.

His trusty ball has gone swimming with him, camping with him, driving with him and he has used it as a chew toy as well as a pillow. I love watching him with it.

Good choice Matty!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rub a dub dub

Three little men in a tub!

Henry, Luca and Matty all in the little blue swimming pool that we were given for free. It was cold water so neither Henry nor Matty really cared to get too wet but Luca was so into the pool. His mom wasn't too pleased he was in the city, naked in our front yard but it was worth it to see her little boy love it SO much.

It's amazing how simply puting your feet in a tub of cold water lowers your body temperature. I could sit out there all day. I think it will be the scene of many pictures this summer.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Symptom

As you can see from the diagram, it happens because a blood vessels gets inflammed due to some sort of trigure that causes it to become very active. This can be a food or weather or stress. I wish I could firgure mine out. Maybe just change in hormones???

This time I actually threw up. Fun eh? Usually I get my aura (odd lights in spots, like after staring at a lightbuld by accident) and when it goes away the headache begins. This time I got really nauseous and thought maybe it was just Teeny and then I started going partially blinde (really unpleasant) and then the headache began while the aura was still happening. It was long and scary and now its all over accept the horrible pain.

This diagram shows the different kinds of auras. the first one (a) is quite small and you only lose sight just in the top corner. The second (b) you lose sight in the same place but to a much greater degree. Picture c looks like the worst but I think I would have to say that d might actually be the worst. It plays a trick on you. You think you can see in a certain spot and then you look there and it vanishes... Today I had either c or d. Im not completely sure... maybe a bit of both.

Did you know that a migraine is a mini stroke? I find that idea pretty scary. However, it causes no issues to a growing baby in the womb... I was sure to look that up right away. I had one last week but it wasnt as bad as this one.

Guess what they say to do to get some relief:
a) sleep
b)find a quiet and dark place
c)take caffeine and tylenol (except when you are pregnant)

None of this seems terribly helpful when you have a baby who isnt quiet or wont let you sleep AND you are pregnant. I did have caffeinated tea which has worked before but it didnt work and also took some tylenol and hope it will work soon.

So, this is different from Matthew. Is it a girl???

Anyways, Im done moaning. Im a woman. We seem to be able to press on through anything.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Big Brother Matty

So sorry this post has taken so long to be written. I've left you all hanging (not really since you all guessed it).

I'm pregnant!

I'm only in my 7th week but have been feeling nausious for quite a while. I didnt post earlier because I received some pretty frightening news shortly after letting you allknow my symptoms. The doctors called and let me know that they thought I was not pregnant or that I was going to miscarry any day. They said this because the blood test they took showed no sign of pregnancy. So, I went in and they took another blood test and then I had an ultrasound a few days later. The blood test came back first and it was an encouraging result. The levels were a lot higher and suggested that I was indeed pregnant. Then the ultrasound showed proof of a little one. So tiny I really could only see the sac. They said they saw the heart beat though. Very encouraging.

When I returned to the doctors they told me that I must have just been pregnant and that is why the blood test wasnt accurate. I still find that a little odd since blood tests are always suppose to be more accurate but my urine sure gave the right result a whole two weeks before the blood. ODD!?

Anyways, I am 7 weeks and 3 days, I am quite healthy and I think the baby is too because it continues to make me feel very icky.

We called Matty Tiny when we didnt know if he was a boy or girl and so this little one will be called Teeny until we find out. I am going to play a little came with anyone who wishes to play. As time goes by I will update symptoms and eventually I will encourage you all to guess what I am having. Then, I will let you all know either once the baby is born or once I know the sex... depends on how many people are interested.

So far the only difference between Matty and Teeny is that with Matty I was sick in the mornings for two months and then it went away for the day. This baby makes me feel icky all day everyday but I am rarely sick. I've been sick twice. Once because I didnt eat and the other time because I ate (actually, drank) too quickly.

So, good guessing everyone. I will have another little one around January 16th. I will venture to guess the baby will more likely arrive January 23rd.