Sunday, February 27, 2011


We are all SO happy to be in our house together. Its been messy and dirty but lots of fun. Matty loves his new bed and his new house and Levi is up for anything.

Dave starts work tomorrow so a normal life begins again. I just got a stove and water in the kitchen yesterday so we will finally be eating home cooked meals and feel much cleaner. I have lots of searching to do for boxes of kitchen items that I will need. It has been all disposable for us the last little while. I cant wait to get some dishes and cutlery in the house!

Im nervous about starting a new week without Dave home. Its been a while since I have been a mother home alone with her kids (I know eh? it seems odd) but I think once tomorrow is over the nerves will settle once more.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Beautifying will be coming soon... we're in though. And thats the part I was most excited for. Now for the fun!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wednesday to Today

I arrived at the house later than had hoped to but had a pleasant ride out. First I dropped the boys off at their Oma and Pake's house and then hit a quaint little shop on the way out. Once I arrived I was stunned by how white the house was (Dave has painted it all) and got myself ready to be helpful in any way.

My first job was garbage pick up. I went about the floors and found whatever was on them that could be thrown away and tidied that up. I was really tired though so ended up having an early night while Dave continued on working.

I woke on a semi deflated air mattress, feeling stiff but better rested and asked to be put to work. We grabbed whatever for breakfast and I started vacuuming while Dave began work on the bathroom. We ended up having to go out since our tile ended up looking horrendous in the washroom and hit a few store for new tile.

Once the shopping was done, we grabbed some lunch and headed home. Dave worked some more on the bathroom floor and countertop and shower and I vacuumed and tried to tidy up some more.

Aidan came over in the evening so while Dave worked on some plumbing, Aidan and I (mostly Aidan) put in the kitchen floor. It was so nice to have it in place and ready to go. Aidan didnt leave until 12:45 and I was completely exhausted. That was the end of the day for us.

Late morning-I think we woke up at 8:30- on a fully deflated mattress. I was in pain and a bit cranky but was ready to work. I mostly vacuumed again while Dave worked away on the water system in the basement and the toilet.

A few items were needed that called Dave in and out of the house but never farther than into our town.

We had visitors all throughout the day and in the evening I was even taken out by Tara who I think knew I really needed out (I had sent her a message the day before telling her I really didnt think I was cut out for this type of living).
I returned that night with caffein in my system, an empty bladder and a smile on my face. Dave had finished installing the toilet and it was ready to go. It turned out there was stuff in our water that kept clogging the system in the toilet so it wouldnt fill the tank quickly but with a few flushes the water got a bit better. We will have to flush the tanks once or twice though to get some clean water. WE HAVE A TOILET THOUGH!!!

I woke up after a terrible night and was fighting crankiness like you couldnt believe. Every little thing was making me want to cry and my hips and back hurt like you wouldnt believe. Yep, the mattress was completely deflated but this time it deflated in the really early morning so I woke up, tried to add padding by lying on the blankets not under them and then was cold all night... What's better???

Dave needed to get a new part for the toilet so we decided we deserved eating out- breakfast in town. We enjoyed a warm breakfast, got the part and then returned home. Dave worked madly away while I continued to do very little useful work. Tidying the closet where Levi will sleep, cleaning up the new litter on our dining room "floor" and I watched a movie that made me weep (Dutchess). NOT GOOD! It left me really missing my boys.

It was decided that it made the most sense for us to go to Daves parents house to spend the night that night so we could get a decent sleep and there we would see the boys. What this did mean, however, is that the boys didnt move in Saturday like we had thought. And now, I was moving back out for a few days to let Dave finish up a bit more work.

This news made me weep. Mostly because I was just so increadibly tired that I wasnt handling anything well but also because I so thought we were at the end of being apart. This week we were going to be together as a whole family all day every day until Dave starts working again next week. So I mourned that for a while on my own until we left for dinner. I came to terms with my own fatigue being the cause of my breakdown and felt better after a good cry.

Its Monday today and I have had a few good sleeps. Still trying to get fully caught up. The boys are happy here and enjoy playing with everything. They actually both napped at the same time today (phew for me) and that is how I am able to give you all an update today.

Wednesday should be our new moving day. The boys and I should be heading to our bible study in the morning and then off to the new house that very afternoon. Dave is hoping to have all the electrical hooked up and working and might even have all the floors laid. Not sure about the counter tops but if we have those floors and all the tools are out of the way, I think the house will be more than ready for our little men. I really am excited to get in there permenantly.

Maybe next time I will remember to get my pictures to show you all. I know its disappointing when there is nothing but font to look at. Sorry! Forgot the camera at the house in our last minute change of plans.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Time has Come

It looks like today is the day.

Once I hace finished up with packing all my things at my brother and sisters place, I will be off to drop the boys at their Oma and Pake's house and then I am off to the house.

We have lots of cleaning to do and once that is all complete then we can begin to put together our counters, and floors.

I dont know what bathroom conditions are like yet but they are coming. Dave has been working on the lumbing and making sure all the pipes are properly sealed and what not.

Im really excited to get into the house. For some reason I feel increadibly nervous but I think it just might be leaving the boys again for three days and feeling like my life is a bit upside-down. I was up until 11:30 last night just trying to get all my stuff together for today and at times I just caught myself staring at the wall, not sure what to do next.

Anyways, thankfully our stuff is at our second home and not a place that has to be cleared out perfectly right away. If we forget anything, we can easily come back for it at a later time. Thats a comfort.

I will be moving into a house that has no internet or phone but thankfully I now have a working cell phone. I will be unable to check e-mails or post much unless I go elsewhere with internet. I suppose the frequency of posts wont change since I am not terribly consistant but just thought I would let you know.

When I next post I am sure Ill have lots of pictures to show you and stories to share. Until then, have a good week.

Things Im going to miss:

Monday, February 14, 2011


For the past few days Levi has finally shown a bit of interest in being a biped and today I was actually able to catch him in action.
He normally just takes four to five steps and then sits down but he is finally realizing he can do it for longer too.

Im not sure how long it will take him to choose this mode of transport over his quadruped ways but its an exciting start.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Washroom

Take a look at this link.

Now try and make a picture of where you might find this. Are you ready.

You climb down a set of beautifully made stairs into a 90 year old basement. The walls are stone, the floor is dirt and gravel. It smells a little... musty all though you have been reasured that it is nice and dry down there.

You take a look around and nearly under the stairs you spot our "toilet"... thats right, the link. Next to it is a roll of toilet paper placed purposefully on an old wire spool and right near it is a metal shovel. You are currently in your "place of duty". If you look across the room you even see a friend, Mr. Mouse scurrying across the window. Lovely company while doing your deed.

You remember the instructions. First, take a scoop of the floor (the dirt) and put it in your "toilet", next do your business (the dirt will keep it from sticking- you have been told). Afterward, scoop some more dirt over your business and carry your toilet up the stairs, out the back door into the winter weather, walk to the property line and dump it out behind the trees.

Did you see it? Did you picture the "toilet" and the mouse and the dirt? You might not have felt the cold but it isnt terribly warm there either.

This is our current bathroom. Can you see why I only spend one night there a week???

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles

Dear readers,

This past week and a bit has been a time of absolute sadness and hope all at the same time. My heart has been so burdened and heavy with so many things but one thing in particular.


This little boy is 5 weeks older than Matty. When his mother and I would see each other while we were pregnant I would alway kid that if I was early and she was late we might have our babies on the same day. She didnt like that idea very much and actually ended up having Luca a bit early.

This little boy hasnt been in my life too much but he is one of those people who has made his way in and out at different times. My best friend is best friends with his mother and we would hang out together at times.

His recent accident tore my heart in so many pieces. To hear of this little boy on the verge of death had me on my knees in tears pleading to God for a miracle.

News fluctuated from being bad to good to bad... a rollercoaster of emotions and I cant even imagine being the mother and father of this precious boy. He suffered head injuries then it looked like he was recovering but after a bit of time they realized he wasnt healing as quickly as they had thought. Then it was even worse then it looked like he might leave this world.

We rallied together (and let me tell you, we mean people all over the place. Hundreds and maybe even thousands) and prayed for this precious boys life. We all knew he needed a miracle.

God blessed us all with this miracle. Today they made the decision to do a MRI. This decision wasn't an easy one... and the results came back with good news. His father put it best:

The brain swelling in Luca’s left side of the brain has subsided which means they were able to see more black spots which is a very positive sign. The swelling around the brain stem was also reduced which is also a VERY positive thing. Pending any secondary injuries, the doctors said Luca will LIVE and we should be talking about his rehabilitation process. As to what extent his brain injuries are at, we don’t know, but the doctors said the injured areas are significantly affected meaning that we will only know with time what they are in detail. He is able to completely breath on his own which is very encouraging. They are talking about months of rehabilitation and are realistically saying he will be at CHEO for a year. His ability to speak, see, walk, etc. we do not know at the moment. He will remember and do everything with the parts of his brain which are healthy. For the damaged areas of his brain, he will adapt with those areas, but they cannot be healed.

Katy & I will embrace the new journey we will have with Luca and aside from what the doctors said, we know we serve an all powerful God that can heal and bring Luca to full health as he was before. Luca chose to live and now and I KNOW a large part of that was because of your prayers. Do we stop praying? No, this is a time to press in even more, every day making him a focus. Luca is a fighter and will NOT give up. There will be many ups and downs for the next while for Katy & I, but this is where we will need all of you more and more. You have all been so amazing standing with us during this time, and we look forward to you all standing with us day by day as we continue to walk through this.

We so appreciate all of you—we feel you are all FAMILY!!!
Praise God! I was ready to weep with Joy. I knew that God could do it. I felt he would. I had to keep reminding myself that my feelings didnt mean that it would actually go as I wished but I am so overjoyed.

This little boy is the second miracle in a year that I have been blessed to pray for and see Gods mighty hand. And I will continue to pray for Gods healing hand to perform even more miracles. Maybe Luca can heal completely even though they say he can't. God is able to do everything. I have faith that he will if it is his will.

Please continue to pray for this precious red head. What a fighter. We love you Luca, Kate, Jimmy and beautiful unborn baby girl.

Friday, February 4, 2011

House Date

This week, we asked Dave's family if they would be willing to take the boys so that Dave and I would be able to go to the house together and get some work done as well as make some decisions. They very kindly said yes and so Monday and Tuesday Dave and i had two days just the two of us working on the house.

Instead of writing all about it I'll show you some pictures of our progress with some descriptions of what it is.
This is our counter top. We will be using two different tiles for it. The light one to outline the counter and the darker ones as the main counter top.

The light tile will also be our backsplash.

This is our wood for the dining room as well as the top of the island and the hutch (dont ask me how Dave will be doing that... he just seems to know how).
This is the kitchen floor tile (not too clear but it gives you an idea). Its actually a laminate tile that clicks together but I honestly dont know how many people would be able to tell. I love it.

We spent a lot of time making the wainscoting.
This is just the outline of it but it gives you an idea of the detail that will be our lower walls (please ignore the jogging pants princess over there).

This is the kitchen/ dining room.

This is the front entry way/stairs.

Due to the fact that I am terrified of the tools Dave uses as well as lack the ability to do the math needed for all the angles and measurement (really, it isnt my language), I did a lot of nailing. I must say even this tool made me nervous but I did it.

Dont mess with the nailer.

We also finsihed puting up all the window boxes but one and some door frames as well.

Here is the doorway into the otherside of the house (not to be finished for a while yet) and the front door.
The windows in our master bedroom. Nothing more is really being done up there except paint so it was nice to get some window frames up and it really made a difference.

And while Dave and I had time together working away on the house, Matty and Levi were blissfully playing with Pake and Oma. They had SOOOOO much fun.

Matty and Pake made up a new game where they each take a side of a link chain and Pake pulls him all the way to himself.
Matthew just LOVED the game as you can see.

It was a really nice time for Dave and I. Some time as a couple working together on our house (although I will admit, I did very little compared to my very talented husband) and I so look forward to living under the same roof.

The only horrible part of my time there was that there is still not toilet. What did I do? Well, I'll just have to leave that for another post.