Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Yesterday evening, Dave, Matty and I went out for dinner with Jo and Aidan and the family. It was a very nice time (we don't do this often at all). However, before the food was served I began to feel very sick to my stomach. I decided to ignore the pain in my stomach and eat the food I had ordered. I actually thought about cancelling my order but was too scared. I didnt manage to eat all of it but I sure ate a good amount.

From there, Dave and I went to go look at something for a Christmas gift and I was in so much discomfort that I had to wait outside because I was afraid I might throw up in the store. The moment we got home, the nightmare began. Either stomach flu or food poisoning. A while back I remember thinking "what on earth would I do if I got really sick with a baby?" and last night and today I got to experience this. God is good and answered my prayer that Matty would sleep most of the night. He only woke once, ate quickly and went right back to sleep. Thankfully, because I was running in and out of the room to the washroom and really wasnt sure what I would do if something hit me while I was nursing. When the morning came and I had to get Matty out of bed, I had no strength at all. Dave ended up having to bring him to me and I could barely hold him. I don't remember ever feeling so weak.

Matty had some good naps that allowed me to get some sleep since I didnt get any last night and I think I am finally starting to get better (though my stomach still feels a bit queezy). I was suppose to have two friends over and have a bible study today. I was very disappointed that I had to cancel with them but it isn't very fair to make them sick if I do indeed have stomach flu.

Dave came home from work and complained of a sore neck, sore thoat and he had a really stuffy nose. He lay down beside me and fell right to sleep. I hope he feels better tomorrow. I could tell he was annoyed at being sick since he has a lot of work to do... but what can you do? I am happy he is sleeping, He is passed out right beside me.

With all of this sickness I am praying that Matty will be fine. I would really not like him to get stomach flu or this cold or whatever Dave has. How would a little baby like him handle it? I know God is bigger than sickness but it scares me nonetheless. I put Matty to sleep and he has already woken twice, very unhappy. I hope it is just because he wasn't fully asleep, not pain or sickness.

Matty has been neglected today since I was so tired, sick and weak. I pretty much nursed him and put him to sleep but there was little cuddle or play time. At times he was almost inconsolable and I think it is because he was so tired of being in the bedroom. I literally didnt leave the bedroom with him until 2:30. When we did leave the bedroom, I got some adorable smiles and a story or two. That ensured me that he was still feeling ok.

Anyways, sleep calls and I pray that I will wake up tomorrow feeling 100%

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Power of Television

Just the other day, my hands were full and Dave was holding a cranking Matty. He sat down at the computer to watch some Top Gear when Matty suddenly quieted. Dave called me to come into the room as quickly as I could with the camera.

This is what I saw:

Not only does he like television but he seems to love cars as well. :)

TV is not the only discovery Matthew has made. He has started to look at his hands move. And, he has started to try and grab for toys. Very exciting. So suddenly, a day before this he had no idea what hands were. I love it.

Monday, November 24, 2008


We had boys and Girls group a while back. Once again, a very tiny turn out (2 kids) but they always do have a blast. Dave was the leader and he taught us how to make wooden boxes and the theme was treasure. We discussed treasures in Heaven rather than here on earth. It was nice.

While assembling our boxes, there was a time when both Dave and I had our hands full of glue and wood. What did we do with Matty?

Yup! He became our recycling. He tolerated the seat/box for about 2 minutes but that gave us enough time to finish what needed to be done.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Picnic in November

This was not my own idea but Vanessa's. I stole the idea because it was just so good that I had to do it and I got all into it.

She told me how her and Cory sometimes have picnics on their living room floor and watch movies together at the same time as eating. So, I did it too. I spread out the blankets and decided to make it a romantic picnic. When Dave walked in, he saw candle lights in the hallway, and the living room was glowing with candle light on the floor and on the tv ( I was constantly looking back into the room to make sure none of the candles had fallen and lit the blanket on fire).
I had dinner waiting for us on the blanket and I even had wine glasses out for our drinks. I made Three Cheese Tortolini (sp?) in Creamy White Wine Sauce. Boy oh boy was it good. We sat on the blanket and ate our dinner while watching 2 Weeks Notice and keeping an ear open for our sleeping boy. It was such a beautiful night and so much simpler than a real picnic.
Thank you, Ness, for the idea. Hope you don't mind me sharing it with whoever might read this post.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Odd choice

Today has been a confusing day for me and Matty. All day he has fussed and whined and refused to sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time and I just can't figure out why. I thought maybe he was hungry but he refused to eat. I thought he might be gassy but doesn't seem to be struggling in that way. I gave him a nice warm bath at around 5:30 and it was the first smile he gave me all day. Once out of the bath, the strange upsets began again.

Dave came home and at first Matty seemed fine but the whine and sadness came again. Dave walked with him, cuddled him and eventually thought to put him in the jolly jumper. He still isn't big enough for it and he can't support himself in it so Dave always props a blanket behind him to help him out. Right away, while swinging, he was calm and happy. We kept him swinging in it for 15 minutes and then he was fast asleep. Odd place to sleep. It looks so uncomfortable. He has a nice comfortable swing but he really doesn't seem to care for it much.

Adorable, but comfortable?

He is now finally asleep in his crib. Lets hope it lasts for a little while longer than his other naps today. I might even try and grab a few winks during this time in case we have a bad night (I really hope not). Wow, I should have knocked on wood. He's awake within one minute of me writing he was sleeping. OY!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Large (Huge)

A few years back I went to the allergist because I was miserable. Sneezing and itchy eyes... so much so that it was beginning to be debilitating. At times i wasnt even able to breathe with all the sneezing.

Off to the allergist I went and found out that I was allergic to dust and cats and dogs. They started me on a round of allergy shots. You go every week for 6 weeks until you are up to a regular dose and then you can go every three to four weeks just to maintain the dose. This continues for a year in the hopes that you will overcome your allergy.

My shots were fine. It was a bit annoying having to go all the time but it really seemed to improve my allergies. At times my arm would react to the shot by getting a little swollen or itchy but never really an issue.

When I found out I was pregnant, they had to lower my dosage and keep me at that level for the rest of my treatment. Then they renewed my treatment after he was born.

Today, I went in for my last weekly shot that had the biggest amount of ... stuff it. I sat down with my ice (it helps with the minor swelling and the itching) and waited. You always have to wait a half hour before you leave just in case.

About three minutes later, I looked at my arm. I always do just because I'm curious, not because I feel anything. I was very shocked with what I saw. I even did a double take expecting everything to be normal. I walked up to the receptionist at the desk. She was on the phone so I waited patiently. She looked up at me and quickly asked if everything was ok. I told her I thought my arm was a little too big so she called, "Staff!, Steff!" in what seemed a bit of a panic. Turns out my nurses name is Stephany. I had her look at my arm and she was a bit surprised. "Are you feeling anything else?, Lets go sit down and Ill go get the doctor."

He came to look at it and was quick to tell the nurse to get my some antihystemines. I told him I was nursing and so he made sure to give me a childs allergy medicine that would be fine for nursing mothers and babies. He said there was another type I could take but it would make Matty sleep too much. He then took my chart and started to write something. I looked over his shoulder and saw him describe my hive as "large (Huge)". I chuckled silently to myself because I agreed with him. It was huge. Then the nurse came back with her ruler to measure the hive. The largest I ever had was about 1 1/2 cm in diameter. You know how large this one was? I was going to get a picture taken for you all to see but I forgot and when I remembered, it had already disappeared. It was (are you ready for this?) 8 1/2 cm long by 6 1/2 cm wide. EWWW! It sure was HUGE!

They decided that from now on I would have a lower dosage. You think?! It is odd though, because I was on the full dosage before and my reaction was never anywhere like that.

Stephany was really sweet and was sure to check on me. After over 35 minutes they figures it was safe to go. The hive hadn't grown at all and the width of it had even shrunk a wee bit.

My journey to the allergist was not suppose to be that exciting. At least I have a story to tell about today. Oh, and my arm is mostly back to normal and its only been a few hours. One concern however. Matty has been sleeping for a long while...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All Effort and Little Success

Yesterday I decided to be domestic again and make a nice meal. I invited some friends to join us for dinner and I spent my morning and any free time without Matty to work on the meal.

I was making Curried Chicken with Rice and Naan bread. The last time I made it, it was so delicious that I just wanted to eat more and more.

This time, it wasn't so. I was so disappointed. I made the curry and it smelled great. I transferred it to the crock pot and then when I went to serve it, it was burned in places. I was not impressed. I also forgot to add the lemon juice. It still tasted ok but it was dryer than I am used to.

The naan bread is what I was most looking forward to. I mixed away and everything until I realized it was not becoming dough. It was just batter. When I looked at my recipe again, I realized my mistake. I'd added a cup too much of milk. So, I just kept adding flour which of course destroyed its taste all together.

Finally, the rice. For some reason, the rice remained sticky. I let it sit and sit and sit on the burner until the bottom began to burn. So, we had sticky rice to put our curry on (not normal).

Thankfully my guests were close friends and they were fine eating my foiled meal. It wasn't disgusting but no one was asking for seconds :( It's probably a good thing I didn't have time to make a dessert. I'm sure something would have gone wrong there too.