Monday, October 25, 2010

Missing in Action

I am so sorry for my absence in writing anything on this blog lately. We have to move out of this apartment by Saturday and there is so much to do and it is hard to do it with two little ones.

Dave is at the house from the morning until 10:30 most nights working away. This week he is even spending the nights there. I am home packing away as well as I can and being blessed by all the fantastic people who have come to give a hand or feed us.

From here I will be moving with the boys into my sisters apartment where we will stay until after Christmas. Dave will work and live at the house most nights and we will visit each other when we can.

Already the boys have trouble saying goodbye to daddy so it is going to be hard on us all. Matty has never been so whiney. The poor little man is seeing his home be turned upsidedown and he sees so little of daddy that when he is present, he isnt really ever out of sight. Levi needs me. He wont go to sleep if anyone else puts him down. He wont stay happy is he cant see me... Try getting anything done!!!

So, think of me, all of you who have houses you can beautiful and make homey this season... I will be without my house for some time still but once it is done it will be beautiful.

I do have pictures of some of the framing that Dave has done recently but I havent uploaded them yet so when I get a chance it will be up here for you all to see. Until then, if you go back to the last pictures I posted, just add a bit of wood on the walls and a set of stairs and you will have the basic idea. Its been a lot of work for Dave. Walls arent straight, floors arent straight... everything has to be done exactly so so that once we remove the outside of the house it will all be square. My man is pretty amazing... I just wish he could live with us during this time.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Goodbye House of Firsts

As excited as I am to move on to bigger and better things, this old house is such a foutain of memories for me.

It was the second house I lived in after moving out of my parents house but the first one that was actually tolerable.

It was the first place I got to decorate as my own and stayed in for 4 years.

This house became the home of my husband. We got to come home to this place after our "honeymoon"

I went through my pregnancies in this house.

Pregnant with Matty
Pregnant with Levi

We brought our two children home from the hospital to this house.
Matty on his coming home (2-3 days old)
Levi on his coming home (2 days old)

We played host to several guests and many friends here.
Canada day celebration (one of quite a few at this address)

We were the place to go to if anyone wanted to skate on the canal or to walk to the market.

This will be the first place I will leave with sadness (except when I left my parents house but its still different from that somehow).

This is the first place where I have been able to keep plants alive.

The first place I had so much pride in at first because it was MY place. (That pride has shrunk substancially as time has gone on because we no longer fit here.)

This is the first place we have ever outgrown.

Once we leave here, it will be the first time in... 9 or 10 years that a Millar woman hasn't lived here.

I started my career as a teacher in this house and I ended my career here too.

I have struggled through sleepless nights and depression in this house.

It is the first place that has housed 7 little ones and 4 adults overnight with only one bedroom.

Oh, so many wonderful memories here. It will be hard to say goodbye but easy at the same time. Once this chapter closes, another more exciting one begins. We move from a rental property to our first house which will also be a house of firsts.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I know it is already Thursday after the Canadian thanksgiving weekend but today has been a terrible day and I thought instead of focusing on that I would bring forth our Thanksgiving festivities as something to dwell on.

Sunday was spent with Dave's family. Unfortunately not everyone could be there. Thats what happens with bigger families... coordinating plans isnt the easiest task in the world. We left church and headed over to Russell and arrived just a few minutes before the family got home. Dave decided to build a large pile of leaves so Matty could play in them. He didnt actually think it was that fun... he actually cried that he wanted out of them. The thought was nice though. I know I always enjoyed playing in leaves as a kid. Maybe it was just a rough day for Matthew.
In this picture, I convinced him to stop crying and just say cheese. He was pulled out of the leaves seconds after the picture, however.

Once everyone got home, we went inside and just hung out. Had a nice lunch together and chatted and looked at pictures of their trip to Holland. Oh do I ever want to travel again. I have the itch... I have for so long.

Dave pushed Matty through the pile of leaves in the wagon and it sent the leaves flying all around.

Anyways, Dave's dad didnt get home until 10 minutes before we had to leave but we had a little visit with him and then it was off to church and then home.

Monday was thanksgiving with my family. I headed off to Almonte in the morning to meet up with my sister. There was an art crawl going on and we thought we could check some of it out. Not much was obviously open so we ended up only stopping at one place (mosaic) and then headed off to a pumpkin stand.

My sister had seen this place and thought of how nice pictures would be so we got there and started to snap away. It was neat. the farmer had just arrived and was unloading lots of pumpkins in different areas and we exchanged a few words on politics and the differences between the city and country.

I had no idea how bad I looked until I got to my sisters place and looked in a mirror. It was the first time I looked in the mirror all day. Should have thought to do that before leaving the house in the morning.

Once that was done, and a bit more driving was out of the way, we headed back to my sisters place and readied ourselves for thanksgiving dinner. Aidan was making beer can chickens on he BBQ and we has roasted veggies and asparagus with a lemon sauce. Oh boy was it good. It was a full house though. We had Josh and Karin, Tammy and Anthony, my Dad and Connor (mom was sick and was unable to come which was a drag), Daniel and Amanda and Dave and I. And dont foget all the kiddos. So many beautiful kiddos. 12 of them all together.

Josh and Karin made the pies for dessert and I did cheat and have a piece of pie (Josh makes a killer pie crust so you just cant say no, even when you're me and you really dont like pie). Then there was chatting and laughing until it was time to get the babes packed into the car and head home.

It was a beautiful time. So many things to be thankful for and so many wonderful people to be thankful with. I echo the end of a prayer we said on occasion as children: "Thank you, Lord, for everything."

Friday, October 8, 2010

Shopping Anyone?

That is, from 1921.

Country loyalty:

Found in our floor and is a wealth of enjoyment to look through.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Photo Shoot 2010

The last time we all went to Mill of Kintail Matthew was only a month old. It was so nice to go and visit again. This year we were a little later than the last time so the colours werent as spectacular but the pictures were still beautiful. Here are a few from my camera (the worst one there).

Oh the beauty of Fall.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Floor Documents

Here's a newspaper Dave found and a few fantastic imaes from it.

While flipping through it I noticed chapters. I had forgotten that in the past, many books and stories were published through articles in the paper. How neat!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Year

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. When I think of that number I initially want to cringe at how big the number is getting but then a beauty washes over me: God has blessed me with this many years. What a beautiful gift. Every number, as it grows larger, is another undeserved gift from God. I am thankful to be 27 and I look forward to seeing those numbers get bigger and bigger.

The day started so beautifully and it just continued to be that way all day.

I woke up to my husband taking care of both the boys. He was changing them and getting them ready. I was able to have a nice shower without worrying about the boys location and then Dave took us out to breakfast. Oh how I love Coras (a fantastic breakfast restaurant full of crepes and waffles, omlettes and so many other wonderful things). I thought I would indulge in something sweet and chocolatey but instead I found this fantastic crepe omellet full of veggies and it was the greatest breakfast. Yumm!!!

We then went to buy a mailbox for our house. Nothing fancy but it is new and Dave added our names to it. After that I had to go do a bit of paperwork (my health card and drivers license expired on my birthday so I had to go to city hall to renew them both). Dave dropped the boys and I off with the stroller and we proceeded to get that done. While there I found out I could do both pieces of id there and not go to another place for the license so that was so great. Then, when it was done, we hit the bathroom where Matty surprised me by asking to go on the potty and he actually pooped on a strange, big toilet.

We had a wonderful walk home and then headed to Grammies house where my mom was going to watch the boys so I could go meet my sister at IKEA.

It was a nice outing where I was treated to Starbucks and just got to look around without worrying about my boys loosing it. Then I hit the grocery store before heading back for my birthday dinner.

My sister and mom made me Chicken Cord en Bleu which was absolutely amazing. I wanted to just eat and eat but my tummy doesnt let me eat as much as I used to. Oh so good. Then Mocha cheese cake compliments of Jo. So good. I enjoyed indulging and only really paid for it shortly after breakfast. Dinner and cake didn't bother me much at all which was nice.

It was a wonderful birthday and guess what! the day also marked my6 loss of 20 lbs. Thats right. I have now come down to 157. When I think back I believe I was 155 when I found out I was pregnant with Matty. It goes to show that my thyroid really did start stowing fat on me before babies... I just didnt know it. My normal body weight is likely somewhere in the 130's. 20lbs down, 20 more to go.

Thanks to all who gave a call or e-mailed me wishes. It was a wonderful day.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pregnancy Etiquette- 1966

* One should tell others they are pregnant only when it becomes obvious. Not meaning when you are showing but when you need to decline "a ten mile hike, or get caught in a spell of upchucking on the job, it's better to be frank than to evade the issue and leave people wondering."

*If you are working, you must tell you boss, especially if your job requires someone to be trained. And be sure to tell your family and friends and not let them hear it through the grape vine. Casual aquantances can just find out when you dawn the first maternity outfit and "you wont have to say a word."

*You should start wearing maternity clothes when all your other clothes are uncomfortable. Wearning them too early is unflattering.

*If someone asks you for a list of people to invite to your shower, give them the names of your family and close friends.
"A baby shower is should be casual and informal- not an occasion for inviting a lot of people of mere acquaintances."
And remember you shoudl never do anything at your shower. You are the guest of honor.

*Your doctor should be very close since they will be your support for nine months.
"He will be a teacher, councelor, and general wailing wall".
You should interview doctors and if in te first few months you dont think they are right for you, tell them frankly and choose another one. Do not switch in the final months.

*"Make yourself pretty and your condition as inconspicuous as possible." You may continue to do all the things you enjoy just to a lesser degree.

* Dont talk about "your condition". People dont want to hear about it. Sometimes a neighbour will listen happily but be careful because they might be using you so they can talk about their own stories.

* Dont talk of "your condition" in fron of children. You might like to teach your children about what is real but you cannot teach that to others children.

*When your due date is close, stay home. No one wants to worry about you going into labour and having to rush you to the hospital.

*Send out birth announcement as soon as you can after the birth and thank you letters for gifts.
"a few extra touches, such as a box of chocolates for the girls on the maternity ward, notes or thank you's for special courtesies, mark you as a thoughtful person."

*Finally, empahsize the good and play down the bad.
"At this time when you are so very much a woman, you will want to be every inch a lady."

Friday, October 1, 2010

Safety Musts For Car Travel- 1966

1. Parents should always check doors and windows before leaving the house. They should all be locked and child should be taught never to put their hands on the handles. Most new cars now come with these safety back door locks and if not, a dealer can easily install some.

2. Safety belts are not just for adults but everyone in the car. a very young child should use harnesses to arrange the belt safely around the child. it should go around their shulders, chest, waist and pelvic region but still allow the child to turn and stand. (!) Infants should be in a carseat but be certain to find a good one. A baby should be in a travel bed with straps that you can secure in the car using an adult safety belt.

3. Many children like to stand in the front seat where they can see the road but this is very dangerous. A sudden stop could throw the child. (really?) A young child is safest in the back where there is more padding.

4. Teach your children not to play with the dashboard. Also no child should ever be left in the car alone. They are too curious and might manage to ram the can into something like a tree or burn themselves on the lighter.

5. Comfort is important because children are more likely to stay in their seats and quiet thus staying safe. If on a long journey, using the crib mattress is a good idea so the child can sleep (!)
"A standard size crib mattress fits neatly in the back of most cars, flush with the back of the front seat. When sleepy, the child can lie down on his own comfortable bed without danger of falling onto the floor."

6. Dont give your child a treat on a stick.

7. No big toys in the car. They should be light and made of plastic of rubber. No balloons!

8. Never leave sharp or heavy objects on the back window. They could fall and injure.

9. Dont bring children into open convertible

10. Stop the car and pull over when dealing with a crying or tantrum throwing child.