Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

I had no idea how different the kitchen could look by simply adding a few of the doors. I am so excited for the finished product

Monday, June 11, 2012

Celebrating the Graduate

My sister in law, Katrina, just finished her final year of nursing at University and also completed her examination. I am so proud of her accomplishments.

Every year she studied so hard that she was usually the top or second to the top of her class. She won scholarships and awards and put the rest of life on hold to devote all her attention to her studies. In so doing, I believe she has developed a true passion for nursing. She even came as my extra guest when I gave birth to Ewan. For others, I'm sure that study schedule might snuff out any excitement.

Now that four hard years are over I though we ought to celebrate the graduate.

Saturday afternoon the family came over (extended included) and we visited, gave gifts and ate a spread of good food. I'm not eating sugar so I made sure we had fruit and veggies and some pumpernickel bread but every party needs cake. So, I made a banana cake for the graduate and a chocolate cake for the many people who were celebrating birthdays.

I wanted to make a special something for Katrina so I set to work on an embroidery pattern. It wasn't completely finished by the party but the next morning I was ready to frame it and brought it to church so I could give it to her.

It was so nice to show her in some way how proud I am of her. Congrats, again, Katrina on your fabulous accomplishments.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A New Hobby

I decided to try my hand at a new needle craft- embroidery. I have no idea if I am any good at it or not but I enjoy it and this project made me feel very happy.

You can see the pencil markings that I used- I chose not to add any of it because it was just a little too folk-y for me. I wanted the flowers to stand on their own. The finished product had the pencil markings washed out... I did forget to iron it though. Oops!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Park Days

 Once a week I try to get the boys to the park near us. 
This is a big deal for me since I really don't enjoy parks. I don't like sand, I hate that everything is always in full sun, I really don't enjoy having to help my kids play...

 This year things are different though. My boys play by themselves for the most part. They pretend play together and only need help with a few pushes on the swing.

 I bring a picnic lunch for all of us and set it up under our tree. This is one of the only places I can find shade near the playground. We sit, eat lunch and then the boys are free to take off.
 I then pop Ewan into the swing and give him a few pushes which thrills him to no end.
This gives me a bit of relief. Its a safe play for the boys to go nuts. Their ample amounts of energy can be used here and then when it is time to head home, they are ready for a nice rest while Ewan has nap time.

I will admit, I am beginning to change my tune about the park... I just wish there were more shaded areas!