Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Creations

My mom and I made our ornaments together this year. Little bed time mice.

I made Monograms for all my nieces and nephews this year. 11 all together and they were lots of work but I loved every single one of them. Butterflies and birds for the girls, trains and cars for the boys.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Festivities

Merry Christmas to all. I have been very neglectful in my posting the past while. I have to say, this season is tough and then not being in your own home can make things harder to organize so I've been bad at getting posts off. Forgive me???

I am pretty sure you all read my sisters blog so I don't think you all want to hear about our Millar Christmas since Im sure she has already filled you in on the details. I can tell you that we had a great time. I learned I need to step up my game with Matty's stocking since he had only two little gifts and then his few under the tree. He saw his cousins loot and kind of looked at me with this expression of " hey, mom, whats up? Where are all of mine?" and then kept trying to steal some of Isaiah's present. So, that note was made. He was very happy with his gifts and I think Levi enjoyed the hype of it all. Metalic food was a bit of a bummer but I think the only hitch.

Once everyone left, I came down with violent stomach flue and had to suffer through that for quite a while. So much fun and then Connor (my little brother) got it too. We spent the 26th together on seperate couches sleeping. I felt great on the 27th and no one else was showing any signs of illness so we thought we could head out and see if there were any great boxing week sales. Guess what? Levi chose to suddenly show a symptom: vomiting! All over himself and the carseat. We had little choice but to find somewhere to get him cleaned up and I was out a snowsuit so I found a blanket on sale and we had him wrapped up tight. He seemed to heal up pretty quickly. The next day we fed him cautiously and all seemed to go quite well. So by the 29th we were home free.

Then we had the celebration at Dave's parents and once again it was a great time. All the cousins together in one place being spoiled rotten. Here are some pictures of our time.
Here we have Matty and Henry tearing into a gift from Oma and Pake.

Once again tearing open gifts and having a wonderful time.

Here is Brenna and Eleanor opening some of their gifts.

Henry and Sam enjoying some Pake lap at the dinner table.

This years two youngest together.

Oma went out to the library and, knowing her grandkids, remembered their favourite books which they enjoyed a lot.

Five of the six grandkids together on the couch. Brenna had only just woken up and wasn't quite ready for the crowd.

Levi enjoying absolutely everything!

We left there with very full tummies, gifts galore and eyes sagging with fatigue. It was such a good time had by all that it kind of went on until close to 10 and then we had an hour drive home again. Dave and I had an eventful drive home. As we were driving Levi spewed once again. All over the clean snowsuit and carseat. I guess I was wrong about him being better eh? We had to stop at a Macs, buy some papertowels and do our best. Blah!

I remember growing up, Christmas with our cousins always meant someone was sick. Is is Christmas without sickness... I woudntl know!

Anyways, this time of year always leaves me feeling so blessed (vomiting or not). All the luxuries we have and the gift of families that love us and whom we love... We can so easily take it all for granted.

I hope you all had a wonderful time full of great memories. I know we did.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Ol' Hockey Game

Yesterday Jo and Aidan's neighbours celebrated their son Aiden's second birthday by inviting us all to attend a Sens game. I had told Matty about it earlier in the day and for the rest of the day he kept asking me " hockey game? hockey game?"

This was some experience for Matthews first NHL game because they had a box. I always knew the boxes were suppose to be lush but I had not expected what we got. 4 or 5 different hot trays full of fantastic food, drinks of every kind (alcoholic and not), a fire place, leather seats, 16 seats overlooking the ice, a private bathroom, a coatroom, and sliding glass doors to block out cold and noise for those not wanting the game experience.

Matthew went nuts for it all. He grabbed a plate right away and started piling it high with pop corn and pretzels and onion rings (the reachable platter) and then got a drink and headed for a seat.

He enjoyed the lights and the folding seats a lot but then the game started and everything changed. He was in awe. It was absolutely adorable. He even said "Oh!" and pointed. He then looked at me with a smile and said "Hocky Game!"

The kids ate, cheered, threw things at unfortunate dwellers below us and played games as the got bored. I think great fun was had by all.

At one point the mascot came up to say hi to the birthday boy and Matty was the first to spot him. He jumped out of his skin and just started to scream. I tried to convince him he was nice but the most he would do was to say hi while standing behind me. Thankfully everyone else enjoyed the mascot otherwise the special visit would have been a waste.

Aidan enjoying some of the food while looking out onto the ice.
Matthew's fantastic hat head watching the hockey game with facination.

Levi was in on the action too and loved every minute. He was a little vacuum though and I had to constantly tear things from his mouth before he chocked on them.

We didnt stay the whole game since the little ones were beginning to get tired (actually it was probably more because I was getting tired of chasing Levi around) so we heade3d back to the van and returned home. it was such a great time and i ate terribly but wonderfuly.

Happy 2nd birthday Aiden. Thanks for all the fun!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Glimps of Things I Find in Levi's Mouth.

Ornament hook, piece of floor tile and some piece of food from the floor.


Friday, December 3, 2010

All Quiet on the Home Front

It's been a while since I have mentioned anything at all about the house. The reason being there isn't too much to report yet.

Dave was working the month of November. He tried to spend his evenings at the house working away after a long day of work with clients. However, many nights ended up being busy with other events and so he spent some time with the boys and I as well as other friends.

Now he is back at the house plugging away to make it liveable by Christmas. He's framed in the windows and has even installed some of them. He's put in new plumbing but there is still no water and he's hoping to finish the electrical soon and then have it inspected. The tile is bought for our bathrooms and the basement is some what dug out...

I havent been out to the house in a while. The last time I went I had camera in hand ready to take pictures but I couldnt really capture what was done in a picture. Hopefully in a week or so I will have a picture or two to show you of something.

Just thought I should give those of you who are interested an update on our home.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hello strangers. I am so sorry for how long it has been since I have last posted anything. Please let me give you all my excuses even though I really do hate being given them.

As you all know, the boys and I have been bunking at my sister's place since the end of October. We set up our dwelling and made ourselves at home. It didnt last too long before reasons pulled me away from the home for a week and a half and we became nomads.

First, the boys and I stayed with my parents at their place because everyday I needed to do things in town. Instead of spending the money on gas we just settled in there for a few days. The boys were comfortable there and slept well. It seemed like a fun idea.
Cozy movie time with Papa

I went on a little trip for a day and the boys stayed with Grammie and Papa and then the next day we were ready to head back to Uncle Aidan's.

Instead we ended up heading to Daves families house where we stayed for 4 days. It was a really nice visit and Matty and Levi enjoyed the attention. Levi was unsettled a bit what with all the changes and he refused to be held by anyone but me but it was nice to be around that
side of the family.
Levi and Matty playing a weird game Daddy taught them. The rule of the game is to pass the object from mouth to mouth... no hands allowed. slightly unsanitary but their family :) Both of them love the game. Big smiles and giggles. Can't be beat.

Matty and Levi cruising on the wagon together. This is a very favourite toy.

Matty and Omke Emke sharing some cereal before bed.

Rides with Pake!

Once again, when our time was up there we planned to return to Aunty Jos when yet another event was happening in town. So back to Grammies we went, bags and all to set up camp once more.
Smiles dont get much bigger than that.

At this point both boys were just ready for home. They played and what not but were grumpy and whiney. I cant say I blame them.

Then after a busy Sunday we finally returned "home" to Uncle Aidans and Aunty Jo's. It took a few days to get back into routine and get the boys settled but now we are back to our comfort level. The boys play happily and sleep beautifully.

In all of this I am desperate for our home. I want the boys to have a place they know is home. A constant in their life. I have been their constant and that is good. Its just pretty tiring. I am the only thing they depend on to stay the same. I cant leave their sides unless they are asleep... I hope it all settles back to a normal life once we have a home of our own. What we have now, however is a perfect substitute until that time comes. As Matty likes to say: "We go home, Aunty Jos?"

Yes my love, we go home, aunty Jos.