Sunday, August 28, 2011

Leave it to Matty

Do you see what I see?

I just looked up and noticed these little toys awaiting my sight.

I suppose thats one way to use a chandelier.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thoughtful Little One

A pretty flower for mommy.

"Can we put it in water mom?"

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wakeful Nights, Drowsy Days

Incesent screaming.

Arms that are never empty.

A throat aching to fight tears.

A sore back.

We thought we were in the clear but it appears we have another colic-y baby.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Visit with Oma

Daves mom came to visit Tuesday and helped me so much. She hung laundey, played with the boys and snuggled baby.

She was a life saver because it was a rough early morning (Levi and I both have colds and Ewans been fighting some gas. I also got a migraine and was blessed with a nap)
Here is Matty and Oma playing with lego for quiet time while Levi was asleep.

It was so nice to have you over today. Thank you.

Homeschool File Folder Activity

Some ladies from church and I decided to put together some folder activities and do a file folder exchange.

I chose transportation as my theme and these are the folders I put together:

The cover is meant to be a colouring activity.

Inside is a seris of activities in pockets, a rhyme, a lacing activity and a pattern activity.
Im excited with how it is turning out. I hope the little ones enjoy them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Bath

Ewan was a big fan of the bath tub!!! He didnt even make a peep! Look at his rolls :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Visit and Gifts

This week was an adjustment but it went a lot smoother than I feared.

For some reason, after this delievery I suffered from an intensly sore neck. I think the fact that it took the doctors over 30 minutes to give me my epidural and once it was done they were unsure if they had made a slight mistake and might have sent the needle to the wrong spot.

Anyways, one of the ways I managed to get through the week was to have help. Lots of help. I seriously only one day alone. On one day Daves Oma, cousin Sarah and his Aunt Angela came over for a visit and showered us all.
Here is Aunt Angela loving on Levi. He actually cried when she left the house. He has a crush on you Angela!
Here is Oma holding Ewan. Unfortunately he was getting very hungry and was fussing a lot.

Here are my three boys in their matching play clothes from Sarah and Angela. I think they are so cute.
And here is my house warming gift from Angela. I have wanted these dragonflies for ages and I love the look of them on my wall. I am going to pick up another box of them and put them on the other side of the window as well.

I love me boys!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ewan Peter

Born August 8, at 8:33

Weighing 8lbs 13 oz.
He looks like his brothers and yet looks completely different at the same time.
He is a happy baby thus far. Occasionally gasy but only fussy until he gets the gas out.
He makes us smile and he has his brothers kissing him several times a day.

He is adored by us all and we are so thankful he is here with us now.

Im healing well and enjoying having three boys in the house. Tomorrow will be my very first day mothering alone... Im nervous but its got to happen eventually right???

Sorry this post has been a long time in coming. I cant believe my baby is already over a week old and I am just posting now. Oh well, life is busy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still Preparing for Baby

My due date has come and gone and the doctors still have no positive news for me. I walk in and people gaulk at just how HUGE I am and wonder if there are twins in there and then the doctor gives an examination and concludes that the baby's head is still " way up there" and that not much is going to happen until he can get his head into my pelvis. This is the same problem I have had with each child. They just cant seem to get their little (or big as the case may be) heads into the right spot to start the action.

I have been instructed to try crawling on the floor while the boys are playing and then when I stand up, to thrust my pelvis forward and hope that gravity will help swing the baby down into the action spot but no proof exists that it will actually help. I'll try it anyways. Can't do any harm... except to my knees and back. I regularily feel pressure from him though. He is trying to get in there. Its just a tough job with my body I guess.

Recently so much has been happening and I have failed to write about any of it. Can you tell other things have been on my mind?

For one, my "sister in law" had her beautiful baby boy. I was so excited because today I was going to see Brayden again but never actually got to. He is so handsom and I am so happy for them. I must admit that I am a bit jealous that he is here and our little one is still hanging out in my womb but Gods timing is perfect.

My "sisters" all got together and blessed me with a "sprinkle". We called it that because for everyones first baby there is always a large baby shower but after that there really isnt anything. However, we felt that we should celebrate each baby in a small way so we gather together and have a sprinkle where we pray, sing and if people want to give gifts they can and others bring food for the freezer and some do both.

I left having been showered, not just sprinkled. I was given fun things for my hospital stay, cute clothes for the baby, matching outfits for all three boys (I cant wait for pictures), a beautiful handmade blanket that I am so thrilled about and yummy food. To all my sisters (Kim, Tammy, Jo, Vanessa, Tara, Karin, Heather, Jenny) Thank you all so much. I left feeling so loved and so cared for.

Daves been hard at work in the house. First off he put up our temporary banister. It was beginning to get a bit scary with Levi. He would walk to the edge of the "balcony" and throw things down. I could just see him falling down. We would never be able to forgive ourselves.

He also gutted out the entire upstairs area and he and Aidan got to work and pulled down and old dormer and put up a new one.

There will be three eventually. Once they are up then the walls can be framed in, the mold can be killed and then the rooms can be made. None of this will be done before baby comes (may he come so soon) but it is well on its way.

While the men were hard at work, Jo and I were sitting in the backyard relaxing and the kids were all playing together in a little fort that Uncle Dave quickly nailed together for temporary play time. He actually took the frames for the three dormers and just nailed them together to make little walls. The kids thought it was fabulous.

Dave and I rearraged our bedroom seeing as how very soon we will have three boys in the room with us. We wanted Matty to be seperated a bit from our room and a bit away from the baby so we moved the dressers together and put his little bed behind it. Now he has his own little space.
Tara and I assembled the crib together and got the bassinett ready. I still need Dave to tightened all the nuts since it wasnt a screw and I didnt have a wrench so everything is just hand twisted at the moment. Once it is all tight and secure, I will put on a nice sheet and get it looking perfect.See the beautiful blanket that was made for the baby? And Matty picked the stuffed frog for his little brother.

Other than that I have just been nesting. Although I dont know if I can call it that because it is all very intentional cleaning. Desperate to get this baby to come, I spent the other night on my hands and knees scrubbing the downstairs floors and then proceeded to move up to te bathroom where I gave it a thorough cleaning (hands and knees) as well as completely reorganized it. The morning brought nothing but severe pain in every inch of my body and I decided that maybe I should save some of my strength for actually pushing the baby out instead of scrubbing floors.

For the next few days I just have to try and remain distracted. Every night I hope I will wake up and be in labour. Every morning I wake up disappointed that nothing is happening. I just have to keep remembering that he will come one day. And it really wont be that long from now. If he hasnt come by the 10th they will induce me and if he still hasnt come by the 14th... im not sure what they do but apparently he has to be here by then or they are not happy at all. Lets pray it doesnt come to any of that and he comes tonight... or tomorrow!