Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Final Weekend Away

The past few Weeks has been absolutely insane. Constant events that has kept me very busy. We went to a cottage for a week then I came home and was out almost every night with events (movie night, Jo's party, Norahs baptism...) and then it was off again for another weekend away.

Every year for several years, the young adults get together from our church and visit a cottage. It is always a fun time. We play games, go swimming and boating, eat yummy food and just have a fantastic time with our friends. Matty had his very first boaat ride and seemed... indifferent as Dave put it. He was more interested with the inside of the boat than what was happening.

Dave went water skiing very successfully. Connor went tubing for the first time and so did Lijah and Caelah... it was the weekend for firsts.

This week things are settling down. I have Mattys first party to plan (this Sunday from 2-5 if anyone wants to come and celebrate with us). And I went to my very first book clubn last nigth and the author was there. It was really neat. I am very happy to have a home week though. I need to be home and just let both Matty and myself get back ointo our normal routine.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Having a ....

Anyone guess BOY?!

Thats right. Dave and I are expecting a little Levi.

I went for my ultrasound and saw every little part of our little man. His hands that kept waving around, his little feet that look surprisingly large- like his brothers, his leg bones and his heart, his brain and his arms... It was fantastic seeing the little man.

At the end I learned that he is about 10 oz right now which is right on schedule for a 19 week old womb baby. Dave also asked them abouty amniotic fluid because I was concerned but it was all good and normal.

As we were leaving I realized I forgot to get a picture. So, at the moment I have no first picture. I am hopeing maybe when I see the doctor I can request getting one or having another ultrasound later... We shall see. I almost cried though, having forgot to ask for a picture (we have to pay $2 per picture).

So, Around January 16th Matty will meet his little brother Levi David and Lord willing they will grow to love each other and be the bestest of friends...

Monday, August 17, 2009


Well, it has been some time since I have posted and I do appologize to all of you who keep coming to check and find the same old post up there for you. I had every intention of posting before I went away on vacation for a week and then forgot.

Yes, we went on vacation. It was along with Daves parents and three of his siblings so it wasnt just our little family but it was very relaxing. So that is one reason why the posts have not been coming.

We left last Friday and stayed for the week at a nice cottage up near Calabogie. Its a small town with pretty much mnothing in it because it is primarily cottage country. It was a beautiful wook cottage and we got to stay there for free because Dave and his dad were working on a deck and balcony for the owners.

I didnt take many pictures because our camera takes terirble pictures so the one I took were at the dock.

I spent most of my time reading and resting. We had fantastic weather. Matty was a wonderful little boy. Not only did he love the water, he continued his regular routine and had all his naps and slept throught the night. He rarely fussed and he had a great time with his van der Meer family. One of his favourite things was the golf cart. The owners had a golf cart to get from the cottage to the dock (they arent terribly close and its up hill the whole way back). Matty would get into the goolf cart and just relax. He would almost fall asleep every time unless he was sitting with the driver. Then he was trying to drive the whole time.
Here's Tante Katrina watching Matty in the water while I went for a swim. I grabbed the camera while I thought there was a moment.

Here she is again drying him off after he had a good swim. Dont you just love the hair Matty has?

Other than reading, I managed to finish my project for my cousin Maryanne who just had an adorable boy named William. Congrats Helms family. I hope to send it some time this week once a few other projects are finished.

Since being home, Ive been trying to get back on top of the house. We came home to it nice and clean as I left it and that night it was a disaster. I honestly have no idea how it happens. After this is posted, I will get back to my cleaning. I just thought taking a break to post would be a good idea.

So I leave you with this until I have a chance to get more pictures from the rest of the family.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Promised Pictures

Here is the lady of the hour. Sorry it took a while. I even had to steal some of my sisters pictures to put them up. She has a much better camera anyways.