Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not Time Yet

Why is it so hard to let God be in charge? Why is it that plans that you have, when changed, you feel as though it will ruin your day? Today is one of those days for both myself and Dave.

Today is the closing date on the house. We were certain we would be the moving in a couple of months. Then the phone rang this morning. I answered it full of excitment and happiness and it was our realtor letting us know that the owner was refusing to get rid of the tenants who are currently in the house. Our choices would be to wait until September to get the house or to take the house with the tenants. Both of those are not really what we are hopeing for.

So, any day I could give birth to my second son, we live in a one bedroom apartment and we have no idea what to do next. Matty is already sleeping in the laundry room which is working out alright. Can we keep our next one in our bedroom for the next forseeable future? Matthew made it in the same room with us until he was 9 months old but he wouldnt sleep through the night because we were in the same room.

Nothing else on the market is what we are looking for and if we buy land to build, we would have to continue renting for a few more years. This idea is ok with me except that then we would have to move to another rental place which would be more expensive and likely in a less wonderful location and it would be moving twice in two years.

Dave and I had it all worked out. It was going to be a lot of work but it was just what Dave wanted.

Today was the day we could officially have been owners of our first house. Now it is looking like it may not be for another while. Im fighting to keep myself from being to odiscouraged and sad. God obviously has the right thing for us and it just wasnt this house. Or maybe it is this house but it just isnt the time... its hard for me to consider another time being better but God knows things I sure dont.

Any ideas as to how to make a one bedroom work for a family of four for several more years at the most? We currently have a very spacious livingroom/dining room at the front of the house. Then there is our large kitchen, a big bedroom in the back of the house and then the bathroom and the laundry/matty room.

Please, send me any idea you might have to help me work out what to do in a few months time. Dave and I would love some fresh ideas and something to look forward to.

Hmm, having just written about this and thiking about it I am sure we can make this little place work for us for as long as we have to. Its helped me drag myself out of my pity and into the realm of possibilities. I like the place a lot better than pity. I mean, this is what God has so graciously bestowed upon us. A warm, fantastic apartment and fmaily all around and two sons, the possibility of owning a house one day... Things arent so bleak :)

Anyways, Happy new year everyone! May it be as full of wonderful possibilities as ours will be.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home Owner???

Dave and I have made the big leap from being renters to owners. We signed the papers yeaterday and if everything goes smoothly (inspections and finances) we will be moving into our OWN house March first.

From the pictures you can see how beautiful the property is. The road it is close to was one part we didnt like until we saw it and realized that it really isnt a busy road at all. The back yard is an acre and it has the barn which Dave will convert into a shop eventually.

It is currently three different apartments which have been badly taken care of. We will have to do a good scrubbing (anyone want to join the brigade?)before it is worthy of being lived in but it is liveable unlike some of the other places we looked at.

Dave will start by making one half of the house what we want it to be and hopefully by the winter of next year we will have that half perfectly to our liking and be living in it. The other half will be finished as the funds are available and as Dave has the time to spare.

In the end, we are hoping it will be a 5 bedroom home with a nice new kitchen and nice new bathrooms and nice floors with characteristics of the old home but with modern finishes as well.

So this is our new stage. Baby number two will arrive mid January if everything is on time and then in March we will own our first home. Busy busy busy. We might live in our current residence for a month while we have the home so some of the work can be done for the new born to be in the house safely.

Thats the news. We're excited. Please pray it all works out smoothly.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Month More

Today marks exactly one more month until we meet our little Levi (if he comes right on time, which I am sure he won't). However, with the last little bit of time to go and very little left to do ( I have no shopping to do, the laundry has been done and his dresser has been filled), Ive decided to begin packing my hospital bag.

Last year I posted a list of all the things that were in my bag before I gave brith to Matty. I had a very thorough bag but I still found that in the end, even only being there two days, I was sad, lonely, bored and discouraged. Now I know those feelings come after giving birth. Hormones going crazy with the change to the body but I thought it might be fun to find out what you guys would suggest as some things to bring to the hospital that can be a comfort and help pass the time.

Yes, a new baby will be hard to put down and will get a lot of my attention but I would still love to know what you would suggest I pack in my bag. Help me pass this next month doing fun packing instead of waiting and waiting.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Fairy Story

I just finished abother book on my list. It took less then a day since it was a nice shortr one.

George Orwell's Animal Farm. I opened up the cover and the inside cover called it a fairy story. What on earth were they thinking? Sure it has talking animals but I have to say, I would never concider this to be a fairy story. Nothing magical or beautiful. Purely a commentary on the nature of man. I wont go in depth of the message behind it since I read it to read not study. Let me just say that it was an easy read but not one that I would be so excited to read again. That being said, i will still admit that it was well written.

One more down. Many more to go.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sinterklaas 2009

For those of you who dont know about Sinterklaas, it's the Dutch St. Nicholas tradition. Family gets together on December 5th and celebrates Christmas with St. Nick. Now, I married into a non-traditional Dutch family so St. Nicks is nothing exciting. Actually, it really isnt anything at all. I, However really liked the idea and deicided to steal my sister in laws tradition for that day to at least do something on this celebration day.

This is the second year that Dave, Matty and I have gone on Sinterklaas and cut down our Christmas tree, decorated it and then had a nice evening together. We always go to Daves fmailies to get the tree and enjoy some fmaily time.

Here are some pictures of our wonderful St. Nicks tradition for this year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Because its been a while...

holding one of his favourite chew toys- toothpaste tubes

"Stay still Matty, Mommy wants a picture".

"Wow!mom, what was that bright light?"

"Ha ha ha, do it again. I like the light."

He is now 15 months old.
He still only weighs 21 pounds.
He says: teddy, daddy, mommy, down, all done, amen, oma, hi, buh bye, outside, dog, duck, bottle, car, ball.
He understands everything.
He doesnt listen to everything though. (He is our little disobedient one)
His favourite things are balls(this is anything round including potatoes and oranges) and stairs and telephones.
He naps once a day.
He is beginning to listen to stories. He does love looking at books more.
He had his first hair cut and become such a big boy.
He is beginning to play with his young cousins (although he still gets overwhelmed at times).
He loves to climb. The coffee table is the best spot so far.
I just found his very first molar has made it through.
He has exima on his cheeks. Hopefully there is no real allergy behind it.

He's our little monkey who will very soon be a big brother. Any guesses on how long it will take him to adapt?