Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not the Best News

Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

Ultimately this paper is telling me: "suck it up. You will be itchy and have hives on and off for the rest of you life."

Can't say its exciting news. I think I would have rather found out I had a food allergy and could eliminate something and move on.

Oh well, from what I read, others have it worse than I do.

Theme word when you look this condition up: demoralizing.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Two!!!

Yesterday was Levi's second birthday. I'm still finding it hard to believe that he just turned two.

He woke up to a birthday greeting from Mommy and Daddy and then got his first present:

After that, we headed to the restaurant for breakfast, which seems to be becoming the new tradition. Pancakes with sausage for the boys as always.

When we came home we had some play time and later in the day some friends arrived for a visit. Tante Ness came with the boys and they all had a pretty wonderful day.

Uncle Cory arrived for a gourmet dinner of pogos, poutine and salad and we sat together celebrating.

Presents were opened and then it was dessert. My boys love ice cream more than cake so that's what most people had.

However, there was another birthday in the midst of us (tante Ness) so I made a special dessert for her and I to enjoy since we are working at losing weight and she got to open a gift too.

It was a wonderful day for a wonderful boy. Levi is a child so full of life that at times he puts it at risk. He causes my heart to be in my throat at least once day as I fear the possible hospital visit from yet another fall or hurt. He is a clown who knows if something makes us laugh he better keep on doing it.

He keeps Dave and I very busy and we are only just entering into the terrible twos... we look forward to every new day with this little man.

Happy Birthday beautiful baby.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Boy and His Blanket

We don't have a dryer so we have to hang our clothes and let them dry by a fan. When Levi sees his blanket he needs it. Who says it has to be dry and in his arms? So long as he can touch his nose to it.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Room Makeover

Living in a house that is under construction is difficult. Add having three boys three and under plus 2 extra adults and a baby, a dog and a cat and saw dust everywhere and you'll see how sometimes I can feel like I might go crazy.

Our home is wonderful and I love it but sometimes I just want a normal house. One that stays clean for more than a minute.

Over the holidays in particular I began to really hate being in my room. It is the one painted bedroom in the house and should be a wonderful place to be. I didn't find it that way. It was always messy, no matter how hard I tried. It made me uptight and I tried to avoid it as much as possible.

When I mentioned my discomfort to Dave he took my ideas and put them into action. After a few hours of rearranging and cleaning here is the finished product:

We moved the bed to the middle of the room. It was actually nicely made and everything but just as I was going up the stairs to take a picture I noticed the boys had gone in and reeked havoc so please excuse the mess.

The crib is now on the back wall next to the bed.

A dresser and mirror on one side of the closet.

The TV and the other dresser behind the door.

With all of this done the room feels tidier, cleaner and more organized. I know Dave really didn't want to move everything around but once he had finished he said, "It feels so much less cluttered this way." I agree. And you want to know the best part? There are no hidden corners for him to store all his clothes -he tends to keep piles on the floor near his side of the bed.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dave Has Been Busy

I came home the other day to many huge changes. I had been in town for a few nights due to bad weather and Dave was home working away. He managed to get lots done.

The first things I saw when I walked in the house were the new lights hanging as you go into the dining room.

It will be these lights that we have hanging throughout the house- usually by doorways.

Next, in the way up the stairs Dave installed another new light.

I love it. It was meant to hang in the mud room but it was much to big so it hangs in the stairs and now has electricity to it. We have light on the stairs!!!

Once you get to the top of the stairs take a look at the new view:

Notice anything new? Its got drywall!

When you go through the hallway there is a little crevice where we have set up a little reading area for the boys

and then we have the other two rooms (all the bedrooms are now dry walled)

This one is Daniel and Amanda's. We were in the process of working on it so I didn't get any better pictures.

This is the other bedroom that will serve as an office/ storage area for Daniel and Amanda for now. I think this room is my favourite. Just look at how bright it is? And there will be a skylight at some point too.

One final change was a light in the bathroom. It used to hand in the stair way but with the new one we were able to displace the other one.

The next step will be dry wall in the downstairs room and electrical everywhere. Im so excited.!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Not Even at 5 AM

Some people have suggested that to be able to find time for quiet time they try to wake up before the sun. This way their children are sleeping and for an hour (maybe even two) they have the house to themselves and have ample time for meditation on God's word and time for prayer.

This isn't even a possibility for me. My children begin to wake up at 5 and seem to continue that trend until 6 when I just give up altogether. Play time begins at 6 AM.

I can't escape to my room for a moment, I cant pee in peace, I cant have a hot coffee before someone is crying and insisting I hold them on my lap.


To top it all off now, Ive come down with a cold on top of being itchy all over. Even the bottom of my feet are torturing me. I'm off to the allergist today and am praying he has an answer for me. At least after the appointment I can go ahead and take more Reactin and return to a relatively comfortable state of being. For now i'll sit down in the midst of chaos and try to enjoy a cup of coffee... I'm pretty sure I know how it will end though.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I DID Do Something Today

Went to sleep at 8:00pm
Woke up at 4:00 am with Ewan for a feeding
Up at 6:00 with Levi and Matty for the day
Put in some laundry
Got the boys their breakfast
Put wood in the fireplace
Made coffee
Made a smoothie
Sat down to eat my smoothie
All this before 7:00am
Made the beds
Got 2 boys dressed
Had my coffee and did devotions
Got myself and Ewan dressed
Fed Ewan
Cleaned up Levis first accident for the day (just started potty training today)
Hung laundry and put in a second load
All this before 8:30
Made chili
Cleaned up Levi's second accident
Hung second load of laundry
Put wood in the wood stove
Played with boys
Put Ewan to bed
Cleaned another accident (obviously not ready)
Read stories to Levi
Made a snack (had to throw it away since I burned the popcorn terribly)
Changed my pants (pee all over them)
All this before 11:00
Packed an over night bag for the boys and I
Got lunch ready
Ate lunch
Cleaned and vacuumed
Left the house

Yesterday I probably had a list exactly like this yet every time I looked around the house I felt like so much more needed to be done but I just couldn't figure out what tasks they were. I seem to roam around my home in a fog just wondering how to get things done when maybe I've already accomplished a lot. It sucks being stuck in a haze of confusion. I just can't seem to escape it.

Oh well, it's a pretty great accomplishment list for a morning.

Monday, January 9, 2012

5 Months

For Christmas Ewan got his two front teeth. Now, they are not the top teeth and I dont know how many of us were actually wishing for them just yet, but that's one of the gifts he was given. I decided with that milestone we might introduce some food.

Reaction? He cried. Not just a little bit but a full fledged, angry cry. Obviously he wasn't ready. Since trying, he's also been cranky which leads me to believe his little tummy was not fond of the little bit of food he did swallow.

Ewan's best friend seems to be our cat. Any time we have him hanging out on a blanket or play mat his little friend curls up beside him and falls asleep.

His cousin keeps him company a lot as well. They are good at entertaining each other and when one is cranky, putting the other close by often cheers them up for a short while.

I can't believe that we are already at the 5 month mile. It goes so fast.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Their Own Room

The older boys have finally been moved into their own room. Nothing is finished and they are currently sharing a futon but its pretty nice having them out of our room.

Here's what I've done with it decor wise so far.

Not much has been added to the shelf yet since I know it will be a bit of a fight for the first few nights just to get them to sleep instead of play. We'll add things slowly once they have learned the rules a little better.

Here is their shared bed. My cousin Grace bought the banner for Ewan but since he doesn't have a room I thought it worked perfectly here. It was something I wanted to do all along.

Both of the boys are currently afraid of the dark so as their light and nightlight we have stars. I love it. It warms up their room a bit and they always ask for their stars on. Im not sure what I will put on their dressers... once again, it will have to be added slowly so they don't play with it or be something they care nothing for.

Here is a picture I took a few nights ago of how it looks when they fall asleep.

Matthew is always pretty ready for bed since he doesn't nap but Levi is always very ready to play. So after some rowdy time I found them asleep like this. Levi's bum was right in front of Matthews face and Matty's neck looks so uncomfortable.

Dave and I are enjoying our room with only one boy. It was about time wouldn't you say?

Monday, January 2, 2012


For while we were beginning to think the snow would never fly. Thankfully it started on Christmas and we've been seeing it flying on and off since.

I will admit that snow isn't my favourite when I have a car with summer tires on it. Other than that, however, I am finding it rather magical.

It is pretty difficult getting out in the snow with three kids since one of them is so small and hard to keep warm, so when Uncle Daniel and Aunt Amanda offered to take Matty out for some play time the other day I was thrilled. We bundled him up and off he went into the backyard.

Besides the dog scaring him a bit, he came in with a big smile and feeling good. They made snow angels

and a snowman.

Living in the country is very different when it comes to choosing to travel. Every snow fall I'm finding it easier to stay home and putter around. We'll see how long it continues.

Happy new year to everyone.