Monday, March 4, 2013

Declan Connor van der Meer

Sorry it's taken so long. Blogging is most definitely not priority these days. Life is a bit busy!!!

Little brother Declan was born February 20th at 10:34 am. 

He weighed 8.13 and had perfect skin and is just beautiful. 

He had a bit of a struggle soon after birth. Breathing was too laboured so he was brought to the special nursery for observation. After some antibiotics and blood tests we were discharged with a clean bill of health only one day late which was an answer to prayer.

He's now almost two weeks old and other than a bit of acid reflux seems to be thriving. We certainly can't imagine life without out new little man. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I have been living in a bubble of BLA!!! for a while now. Baby is still very cozy in my womb but is due to meet us Sunday (we all know how that goes with my babies- add 8 days or so). I'm tired, uncomfortable and thus incredibly cranky. My poor men get the worst of it since they are around me all the time and any little thing can set me off.

So as the 14th came closer I became less and less excited to care to do anything at all until Tuesday evening. My sister hosted a lovely Valentines day tea for some ladies and it was so nice. I felt refreshed even though I didn't get home until after midnight and suddenly wanted to embrace heart day.

So I got to work. I made a project for Dave: 

Each card has a different reason why I love him. It was a fun project to do and he loved reading through the things I wrote.

I also baked a cake for dessert tonight:

Its a citrus yellow cake and citrus icing. I have been craving lemon baking and although I can't touch this with a ten foot pole, somehow it helped my craving by making it and smelling it. 

The best part of Valentine's day as a kid was getting all the lovely cards from friends so I thought the boys and I could make some for their friends at church.

My examples with all the pieces cut out for the boys. 

Matthew's 2 bees ( he did it ALL by himself- do you like the extra eye on the top one?)

Levi's 2 bees (he did these ALL by himself- this is one impressed mom!)

I had no idea I was going to enjoy sitting down with the boys to do crafts. I normally hate the paper and glue and mess everywhere... but this was so much fun. And they really enjoyed it. I must say, however, it was very nice the Ewan was down for his nap. Much less Chaos!!!

We dressed in red and took a few photos as well. Some three brother photos before brother 4 arrives. Not a single one turned out well since my boys have 0 attention span but thats life so here they are:

I hope you all have a wonderful day full of feeling loved and adored. This tired mommy is actually having a blissful day. Dinner hour is approaching however and that usually means everything falls apart. I guess we'll see soon.

Friday, January 4, 2013


For Christmas I received a tablet from my man. It was just what I wanted and I have been having a lot of fun trying to figure it out. Unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to get pictures to upload onto blogger to be able to share with you some of the fun moments we have had lately.

I know most people prefer pictures to words and so I have left my blog vacant due to lack of pictures. I'll continue to try and figure it out but until then, please know I am trying to get back into the blog world. We do have a baby on the way in another month and a half. I would love for you all to see him in picture, not just by words (we all know I am not terribly eloquent with my words).

I look forward to figuring out how this all works so I can get back into my sharing. Until then, maybe there will be a few wordy posts... and maybe not. It all depends.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lighting it Up

 This time of year is always hard for me because it is dark so early. By the time it is 4pm the sun is setting and the house is beginning to get bleek and shadowy... I am not a fan of the dark.

I have found that one thing which really helps me is having varying lights around my house where I am. So this year, as well as the candles I light on my kitchen island, I also purchased a little pre-lit Christmas tree.

Some of you may be thinking this is a little early but it works at keeping me happy and not depressed. This bit of Christmas cheer and ambient lighting has added excitement to my days.

The boys are pretty happy too. They got to decorate it (several times over) and it is just their size. Even Ewan threw an ornament onto the tree and it stayed there (unfortunately he moves too quickly for me ever to catch a photo of him that isnt a blur).

I have to avoid puting any balls on the tree that are breakable because Ewan is obsessed with balls. When he sees them he lights up and wont stop hurling the tree to the ground until the ball is in his hands- a few little balls met their tragic end this way.

How do you like Matty's inside out shirt?
Christmas has arrived in this here home. I just couldnt wait another moment. The real tree wont be here until next month but this little addition works for now.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Home Day

Today was a much needed stay at home day. Since Tuesday I have been on the go with the boys with appointments and meetings. We were suppose to go out again today but I thought it best to stay put.
I've been doing a bit of schooling with the boys at home (the picture up above is of our books) so I thought today would be a good day to try and make it a bit more creative. It was a huge success.


We did stickers. I managed to get Levi to put all of his stickers on the lines to create a diamond on one of his shape pages. He really enjoyed this activity. Matthew enjoyed sticking all his into his new sticker book.

We finally did a full calendar time. The boys loved singing all the songs and talking about the date.

We also did the weather frog and the boys loved getting the frog dressed into the right clothes for the weather.

Other than that, we did cutting and pasting. I separated a paper in 4 and made categories and the boys had to find the right pictures to glue into the categories.

We used playdo tools and hid pennies in the dough. They had to roll out the dough and find all their pennies.

We ate snacks and had our quiet time... it was really the perfect day.

Matty is doing well and hasn't complained about pain much at all. He really wants to remove his bandage to take a look but we aren't going to do that. The doctor is meant to deal with it- thank goodness. It is making activity time a bit frustrating for him though. He can't quite hold a pencil properly or get a grip on scissors.

Tomorrow we are off again for more fun. They are not fresh and ready for it since we had a wonderful day at home.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

I read that book on my flight to Calgary and today Matthew was the one in striped pajamas. There were not very many other similarities than that.

We took off from the house early enough this morning to get to the childrens hospital for our 2 hour pre-op wait. After a short while they called Mattys name and they got him changed into a pair of striped pjs. He almost had pink but then they saw it would be too small. Yellow was much nicer for a little boy.

I shouldnt have worried about having all the activities I had because the waiting room had toys and crafts, movies and friends... We even met Papa Rick, a man who does activities with Matthew every Wednesday. He was a welcome familiar face.

Matthew was incredibly brave until he was wearing the mask to put him to sleep. He started panicking and it was so hard not to cry. In the middle of his panic he passed out. Seeing his body go limp and his eyes roll back was so hard. The moment I stepped out of the room I let the tears fall.

It wasnt long until they were back telling me he was in recovery, everything went well and I could see him once he woke up. I kept praying everything would be the best case scenario. The procedure included removing his thumb nail, taking a swab of the wound underneath and removing the ingrown nail that was stuck. They told me if there was no nail there, he might never have a thumb nail again- this would be the worse case. Thankfully he already had one growing. It was just to frail to help the rest of the nail grow out. My prayer was answered-we have the best case scenario.

So, recovery begins. I must admit I was thankful we were scheduled to go in November first since Halloween was the night before. All three boys got into their costumes and went to a few doors to collect some candy. Since Matthew was so excited for trick or treating he never even thought about the surgery until we were already there getting into our new clothes.

So tomorrow may be back to a new normal- its been an incredibly busy first week home. I guess that is the kind of life we lead right now though.    

Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to Life as I Know It

Well, My plane landed Sunday morning at midnight and we didnt get home until 1:00. I couldnt fall asleep right away and the day started smoothly again at 6:45. Matthew saw me first with an enthusiastic hello and then Levi saw me and gave me a huge smile and hugged me. When I went in to Ewans room, he just stared at me. I think he was a bit confused who this new person was getting him from bed. I could just hear his thoughts:"Now, this isn't who has been getting me every other day... hmmm?"

I used presents as incentive to get the boys to eat breakfast at an unusually quick pace- at least for them- and then I got to unpacking and handing out the goods. They were so excited about every single thing. It was like a crazy hurried Christmas morning. Everything came to church with us and helped them remain distracted during the service.

Today is back to normal life. I must admit that the time change as well as readjusting to home has caused me great fatigue but one that comes after a much needed refresher. Dave headed off to work this morning and wont be home until the boys are sound asleep so it is back to mothering in full force.

Today we have already enjoyed ourselves- reading and even playing. We started our day with our bible reading and then they launched into some good old movie watching- I can't seem to stop them since they've learned to turn it all on. I started right away on the laundry- a task I fear I may never get on top of since the weather we are experiencing is not conducive to quick drying of wet laundry. Once that was hung I had some time. I decided to show the boys how to use the toy airplane I brought home for Ewan. Now, this may seem like a normal thing to do but I am not one who usually sits down and PLAYS with the boys. Today was a break from the ordinary.

I showed them how a plane gets taxied and then drives down the runway until it is fast enough to take off. I also showed them which people did which jobs on the plane and they actually stated to play purposefully. I got so into the game, Matty and I even built a car and airport so the people would have a place to wait for their plane. It was quite nice.

Since then our day has been filled with snacks, reading, playing and more laundry. Dinner will be something simple since Dave wont be home and the boys dont like to eat anyways. Then for the clean up. I actually managed to clean all the boys rooms and the spare room today- it's rare it is that easy. Thats a quarter of the house at least!

I decided to try making shapes with the pancakes- an idea Tara's mom gave me to make eating more exciting. I did a few which was enough for the boys and they really were thrilled!
Today is our last peaceful day for a while. I hadn't realized just how hard it is to keep a quiet week. Hopefully I will have a chance to post again. If not, my intentions are good.