Tuesday, July 19, 2011

38 and Shopping

So, yesterday was the turnover into 38 weeks of pregnancy. This baby could be born any day and be perfectly happy and healthy. He wont be. Knowing me and my timing he will come August... 8th. My guess! I am so hoping I am wrong on that one. Every day I pay close attention to any discomfort hoping it is contractions and early labour but so far nothing.

Today we are going car shopping. We currently have a 14 year old car that will not fit three children. So, off to update our wehicleage. I am so excited about a new car. We have been looking at the Ford Escape. Nice spacious interior, a trunk that opens, air conditioning... Oh all the things that will be nice.

In a few days I will be doing a post on my old friend, golf, but until then you just need to know that even though she is still working, and quite well for a 14 year old car, there are some serious issues with her being. My sister told me I HAD to write a post about her and I think she deserves it as well.

So many new things so close together. Its been a very eventful year for us. And by eventful I kind of mean expensive. We just hope that this wont have to happen again in a long time (new house, new truck, new car, new baby).

Anyways, Ill let you know on any happenings if there are any. Until then, enjoy your week.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of posting. I know I am never terribly regular with my posts but I do believe they tend to be a little more frequent than recently.

Updates on all of us.

Dave is still hurting. He is working hard anyway trying to get his jobs finished in a reasonable time. When he comes home, he has dinner and then wants to get to work on the house. I try and get him not to. He really needs to get better. Last night he got the shower set up. I no longer have to look like a beached whale trying to get wet under the bath faucet. And the other night he managed to jack up the floors on the other side of the house so pretty soon we will be ready to frame in the bedrooms.

The boys are both doing pretty well. Levi knows how to get out of bed so we have had to work out a new system for bedtime (back into his sleeping bag even though it is roasting hot) but things are good now. Matty co-operates well most days but he is starting to have a real mean streak and I am trying to be on top of that. He'll growl and tease and even hurt if he is in the "mood". I wont tolerate it but its taking a while to really get him to change. I think maybe its because Im tired and perhaps not as consistent.

As for me, 37 weeks and counting. I could meet my baby so soon now. I am getting very excited to see his face and finally decide on a name. He still moves a lot and some nights are so hard to sleep while others I am sleeping like the dead. My itching is mostly under control. I still have to take allergy medicine everyday and the other day I was only 2 hours late for my pill and I was miserable. I ended up having to take my emergency benedryl just to be able to fall asleep. The next day I was fine and I have been fine since... just have to be on top of those pills.

In other news, my sister in law came down to visit with the kids and I finally got to meet Edmond:I think he is do handsome. He looks a bit startled because of the flash. He seems like such a sweet little man. I hope ours is as content as he is.

Here is Brenna giving his little brother some love. She is just a few months younger than Matty.

Here are Eleanor and Matty sitting together on the rocking chair. Eleanor just turned 4 but she and Matty played so well together. It was very cute to watch.
One of the two of them looked sillin in the picture so I figure Ill put them both here.

And here is one last shot of the newest member of the family for the moment:

Monday, July 4, 2011

Canada Day Fun

Every year for as long as I can remember, I have celebrated Canada day with friends, good food and fireworks.
As families have grown, going downtown to the hubb of the action has become impossible. Not only that, but pretty rediculous too. Try pushing a stroller around a bunch of crazy drunk people all singing funny songs.
Since Vanessa (my sister in law and best friend) moved to a town out of the city, we've all headed out her way instead and celebrated in their community.
I have to say I think its the best idea ever. We enjoy their back yard which has a pool and room for the kids to run around and we can walk to the park which is also where we watch the amazing fireworks.
We can easily BBQ dinner and just take the day as it comes. With a nice home base to return to at any point.
The kids enjoyed doing sparklers before the action started with the fireworks... all but Levi who wanted them no where near his being but found them very mesmorizing to look at.
The friends all milled around my legs at one point and wanted to sit together for the fireworks. The waiting, however, was too long and they all soon scattered to various locations.
Once the fireworks started, Matty ran to my arms, Levi in Daves and we watched a wonderful show that was so close and so well done. Matty asked to go home a few times but once he had daddy's ear protection on he was good. Levi whimpered a few times and then lay back and watched and almost fell asleep. So much excitement for one day.

Canada turned 144 this year and what a fun time we had.

Thanks Ness and Cory for such a wonderful time.