Friday, November 2, 2012

Home Day

Today was a much needed stay at home day. Since Tuesday I have been on the go with the boys with appointments and meetings. We were suppose to go out again today but I thought it best to stay put.
I've been doing a bit of schooling with the boys at home (the picture up above is of our books) so I thought today would be a good day to try and make it a bit more creative. It was a huge success.


We did stickers. I managed to get Levi to put all of his stickers on the lines to create a diamond on one of his shape pages. He really enjoyed this activity. Matthew enjoyed sticking all his into his new sticker book.

We finally did a full calendar time. The boys loved singing all the songs and talking about the date.

We also did the weather frog and the boys loved getting the frog dressed into the right clothes for the weather.

Other than that, we did cutting and pasting. I separated a paper in 4 and made categories and the boys had to find the right pictures to glue into the categories.

We used playdo tools and hid pennies in the dough. They had to roll out the dough and find all their pennies.

We ate snacks and had our quiet time... it was really the perfect day.

Matty is doing well and hasn't complained about pain much at all. He really wants to remove his bandage to take a look but we aren't going to do that. The doctor is meant to deal with it- thank goodness. It is making activity time a bit frustrating for him though. He can't quite hold a pencil properly or get a grip on scissors.

Tomorrow we are off again for more fun. They are not fresh and ready for it since we had a wonderful day at home.


Grace said...

Looks like a busy and productive day! Glad MAtty is healing well. Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Kate, I have been so out of it with all that has happened here lately that I have just been catching up on many posts. I have loved reading about your trip, your thoughts. AuntieB