Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to Life as I Know It

Well, My plane landed Sunday morning at midnight and we didnt get home until 1:00. I couldnt fall asleep right away and the day started smoothly again at 6:45. Matthew saw me first with an enthusiastic hello and then Levi saw me and gave me a huge smile and hugged me. When I went in to Ewans room, he just stared at me. I think he was a bit confused who this new person was getting him from bed. I could just hear his thoughts:"Now, this isn't who has been getting me every other day... hmmm?"

I used presents as incentive to get the boys to eat breakfast at an unusually quick pace- at least for them- and then I got to unpacking and handing out the goods. They were so excited about every single thing. It was like a crazy hurried Christmas morning. Everything came to church with us and helped them remain distracted during the service.

Today is back to normal life. I must admit that the time change as well as readjusting to home has caused me great fatigue but one that comes after a much needed refresher. Dave headed off to work this morning and wont be home until the boys are sound asleep so it is back to mothering in full force.

Today we have already enjoyed ourselves- reading and even playing. We started our day with our bible reading and then they launched into some good old movie watching- I can't seem to stop them since they've learned to turn it all on. I started right away on the laundry- a task I fear I may never get on top of since the weather we are experiencing is not conducive to quick drying of wet laundry. Once that was hung I had some time. I decided to show the boys how to use the toy airplane I brought home for Ewan. Now, this may seem like a normal thing to do but I am not one who usually sits down and PLAYS with the boys. Today was a break from the ordinary.

I showed them how a plane gets taxied and then drives down the runway until it is fast enough to take off. I also showed them which people did which jobs on the plane and they actually stated to play purposefully. I got so into the game, Matty and I even built a car and airport so the people would have a place to wait for their plane. It was quite nice.

Since then our day has been filled with snacks, reading, playing and more laundry. Dinner will be something simple since Dave wont be home and the boys dont like to eat anyways. Then for the clean up. I actually managed to clean all the boys rooms and the spare room today- it's rare it is that easy. Thats a quarter of the house at least!

I decided to try making shapes with the pancakes- an idea Tara's mom gave me to make eating more exciting. I did a few which was enough for the boys and they really were thrilled!
Today is our last peaceful day for a while. I hadn't realized just how hard it is to keep a quiet week. Hopefully I will have a chance to post again. If not, my intentions are good. 

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Karin said...

Glad to have you home:) and good for you for getting back into the swing of mothering so quickly, it is the part of vacation that I dread.